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I Don’t Do Windows! Create Your ‘I Don’t’ List Today

By: Decorated Life Team |

I read something about only doing things you love and deleting everything else! I wondered how that would work at home? Would everything become dusty or dirty? Do I need permission to delete household chores from my list and spend time on things I find inspiring and rejuvenating? Are you making yourself a doormat by doing things you hate? Great questions, right? What are your answers?

do the things you love!

Doing things you hate drains your energy. No argument there. Household chores exhaust me. But can I really give myself permission to stop? For most of us this is dangerous and uncomfortable territory. What will people say?

1. I DON’T List – List things you hate.

Make this list as long as you like. Freeing yourself means creating time and new ideas and getting really great at the things you love. Prefer entertaining to cleaning? Or baking to visiting? Writing to cooking?

Use your home and time for the things you love.

2. List everything YOU LOVE doing.

The only disclaimer is that it is a LOVE list not a ‘like’ or ‘don’t mind’ list. “Good at it” doesn’t mean you need to be the person doing it either. This list is everything from painting, cooking, writing your novella, gardening, learning feng shui, entertaining and decorating.

3. Ways to cut down your Hate List

Chances are your Hate List is long. Getting things done without doing them yourself will take some clever thinking on your part. But it is possible. To reduce the number of household chores, go through your belongings and get rid of dust collectors, things you don’t use or things that are difficult to get to. Decluttering your space will cut down chore time until you work out how to get rid of it for good.

Reducing other things like ‘people you don’t like to visit‘ is more difficult, but will free up very valuable time, if you are brave enough to face them.

4. Hang lists where you can see them.

These lists are your new guides to a happier life. Place them where ever you can starting with the kitchen and your bathroom mirror.

5. Work through your Hate List

Each item on your hate list should be given to someone else to do; paid or unpaid. If you don’t have anyone to delegate tasks to and can’t afford to pay for them, can you delete them totally or reduce them to a minimum? If you don’t like household chores, for example, can you put away or get rid of anything to reduce your dusting chore?

6. Analyze each new request, thing you buy or gift you receive – which list should it live on?

This is important. There is a tendency to add things you hate back on your love list because you haven’t worked out what to do with your free time or you feel guilty about it. Don’t skip this. If someone give you a new bread maker – is this something you have always wanted to do or will it take time from your busy life?

Do not fill your days — or worse, years — with things you hate. You will resent your home, then where will you hide? At work? Not the best choice.

7. Spend your extra time doing things you love.

This is the payout! Write that book, meditate, entertain, cook, spend more time on your business or decorate.

Imagine what you can accomplish if household chores just vanished into thin air?

What if you’re just starting out and need your spare cash to pay the bills?

Most people resist the I DON”T List in the beginning. Too busy at work to find someone paint the stairs, especially if you can do it cheaper? It comes down to your priorities. This is not meant to make you lazy but more productive. What will your life be like if you publish that book, network more, create your next masterpiece or catch up with friends? If you love painting stairs, eliminating something else from your list will give you the time to actually enjoy it.

This is a way of thinking, and unless you have a very well-paying job, things won’t come off your I Hate List in one sitting. This is a process. But one you won’t regret.

You already make decisions at work. Why wouldn’t you use the same discrimination when evaluating your tasks at home? Make decisions that work for you.

Free up time, your most valuable resource, for things you love!! The result is chores done by people who love them, a happy house and a more relaxed atmosphere because you are more relaxed. How will you get rid of your Hate List?