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Christmas Mirror Decorating in Your Hallway and Living Room

By: Decorated Life Team |


Christmas Mirror Decorating

For most of us Christmas Decorating is wonderful and exhausting at the same time. You want Christmas Decorating to be traditional, sprinkled with childhood and family memories spanning your lifetime.

christmas mantel decorating

On the other hand, you want something different, fresh and new to grace your home. Something friends and family will claim is the best thing they have seen, EVER! Something unique, fun and memorable.

christmas hallway glam

Its Christmas, its once a year and its wonderful; so it has to be unique, fun and memorable! It just has to be! First things first…

Click on any of these images to find tutorials on how you can create the same looks… but first, to find the look you want for your Christmas mirror which one do you love? Keep scrolling to see different styles for different areas of the home. Christmas decorating needs a little planning, especially if you like to mix it up a little from one year to the next.

Apart from dressing the tree, wreaths on doors, large feature ornaments that come out every year, dressing the staircase, coffee table, dining table… there’s your mirror! From burlap to paper cut outs and wall decals, I’m hoping there’s something here for you!

Simple & Festive Entranceway Decor--mirror w/mini burlap bunting, tabletop…:

This Christmas decorating post is about creating a feature or focal point using your Mirror. Most of us have got one, often in the hallway, and if not there, then the bedroom, living room and bathroom.

christmas mirror tutorial

You can always buy one to create your Christmas mirror decorating feature. It doesn’t have to be expensive. You can even make one using ordinary glass and applying a simple spray can of mirror paint.

bathroom mirror decor

These mirrors are all decorated with a wonderful Christmas theme in different styles and colors to grace your home.  Even simple paper cut outs below are a wonderful addition, a little color, to a simple white framed mirror.

red and white christmas mirror

Your mirror is such a natural place to add a Christmas message to family and friends; somewhere that is visible, and because you walk by so many times during the day, somewhere you can reinforce your heartfelt Christmas message!

The fun mirror below started out as an old window from a dumpster. Click the image below for the full tutorial at hometalk. You can see how simple things can make all the difference.

christmas decoration mirror

There’s a huge range of Christmas stencils you can use with frosting to get some great results. But I think I prefer stick on wall decals like the Christmas wall sticker below.

Most wall stickers are re-usable. They don’t have to cover the entire mirror; which is great to reflect candles or other lighting in the room, and most packs have more than one decal pattern or style .. for next year!

Christmas stickers for mirror

There are literally hundreds of different designs to choose from for your Christmas mirror decorating look; from simple stars and baubles to complete nativity scenes with the three wise men.

Christmas bauble wall decal

You can go wide, bright, subtle, elegant, rustic, minimalist or loud. It’s up to you.You can still add a wreath or some greenery for a fuller layered look, or some lights, but it also depends on the size of your mirror and of course, what other decorating you have close by.

greenery over your mirror

Dress the frame and add a wonderful message; from funny to fantastic, add wishes, dreams, family names or a quote. Add camels or three wise men, a row of snowmen or maybe visitors sign your mirror with lipstick when they come to visit!

Take a photo; its a great keepsake.

Christmas Mirror with a Wreath

I think wreaths on mirrors look wonderful too. If you like to make one like the one above, made from magnolia leaves, click the image above.

For more traditional wreaths there are videos on youtube to help you out. Like the one below. If you prefer one baked earlier that you can use next year .. and the one after that, Amazon have a wide selection of wreaths in different styles, sizes and colors.

To create a stunning wreath like the one above, you don’t have to buy a boat load of expensive supplies – you can easily use anything in your garden; like berries, cones etc. It will cost you less in time and supplies but watch the video to get tips so the result is a wreath that is colorful and looks neat and professional.

Turn your mirror into an advent calendar and strike off the days; create a snakes and ladders game with trees as the ladders and reindeer as the snakes. Or just use a vase, add twigs and your advent calendar to individual twigs.

fun advent calendar

From elaborate Christmas decorating covered in 1,000 ornamental baubles to tiny elves all painted in gold… your imagination is the only thing holding you back..well, that and time… probably finances and a sensible husband or partner who just doesn’t get the whole card making, ornament thing.

Christmas mirror

In the living room, a mantel is always helpful as a prop but you shouldn’t let that stop you. And if you prefer a more minimalist feel, honor that too.

white tapers with eucalyptus garland

Just two elements above, eucalyptus and similar style candlesticks of varying heights, makes the black framed mirror below really pop. And below, its layers of greenery until its just right. Please send in some shots of what you have created! I’d love to add them to the blog and on our Facebook page.

christmas bathroom mirror