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Fake Grass Ideas for the Balcony

By: Joanne Derrick |

A lawn installed on your balcony might be something you’ve never considered to be an option. But with a whole range of astroturf available it’s possible to liven up a dull outdoor space and create a unique spot to relax.

Whether you prefer a clean, manicured finish or a design that’s a little more rustic, there are many ways you can style your fake grass on your beautiful balcony. 

Take a look at these inspirational ideas to make a change to your balcony area.

Bold Balcony with Fake Grass

This bold balcony speaks of carnival and color, with cold drinks to cool you down on a super hot day. The artificial grass lends texture and a softness underfoot. It’s a cheerful background to those bright accent pillows.

The geometric and floral prints in orange, yellow and green, together with the flowers and cacti, conjure up thoughts of a Mexican fiesta. So if you like fun and color this could be a design for you to try out.

Cool and Simple AstroTurf Inspiration

There are those who would prefer their homes to be clean and uncluttered. If you imagine an unspoiled view from the inside of your apartment, or you just want to step out and look at the view with a morning coffee, then this minimal look will work best for you. 

A balcony like this will need to look pristine all the time to work for its best effect so be sure to maintain it with these useful tips.

Paving the Way

To add some contrasting texture and to inject a little more interest, this unusual setting would be a surprise to your visitors when they come to join you for a chat on your balcony. 

Slate paving slabs have been installed in a checkerboard stepping stone effect. This crisp designer base is cool and smooth underfoot. The slate is a very current choice and could fit nicely for all you minimalists out there.  

You will want to think about how to install your fake grass no matter the configuration, so this guide will help you plan your astroturf balcony. 

Stylish Deck

Another textural idea is this deck, edged with crazy paving and fake grass. The hardwood at the center is luxurious and elegant. You can imagine sitting back on your wicker lounger watching the world below.

If you want to soften the edges of a tile or wood floored balcony, try laying astroturf around the perimeter. Use large planters with tall plants to tie in the look.

Enhance a City View

This arrangement makes the most of an amazing view like this cityscape. You’ll want to come out everyday and enjoy it. The fake grass looks like a real lawn and it has been edged with small paving stones.

Comfy furniture with bright geometric pillows and unusual decorations, such as the giant starfish and the beech tree trunks against the wall, complete this quirky, designer look. 

Go to your local thrift store or check out the sales to see which unusual objects you can find to update your outside space.

Cozy Balcony Inspiration

A balcony can be cozy? Why, yes, with the right dressing it can be an oasis of warmth and peace. The artificial lawn here softens the outdoor look, which is layered with interesting plants and ceramic pots. 

The wood of the trellis and the plant stand lifts the temperature of the setting, and the flowers and plants are exotic and bright. You can imagine a chunky sunlounger covered in pillows at center stage to finish the look.

Exotic Planting

Go lush and green on your balcony with some shrubs and topiary. This balcony ramps up the greenery to 11 for a successful garden look. 

The astroturf is a natural looking color and texture. Surrounded by beautiful pot plants and trees, the rattan furniture and wooden loungers wouldn’t look out of place in a tropical garden. 

You can be creative by using the elements you’d expect in your backyard and create a leafy, horticultural space right outside your apartment door.

On Trend Colors

This trendy balcony is an abundance of color and the patterns are very current. Here, the fake grass is a vivid green to complement the pinks, oranges and blue of the accessories. You feel like you could be at a bar on a tropical island resort.

You could place a sofa or padded bench like this on your balcony for an afternoon Pinot. Note the bamboo attached to the railing which completes this fun beach look.

Dining on the Terrace

This scene is refined but so of the moment. The artificial grass softens the smart angles of the wooden furniture. The print on the cushions is echoed by the pineapple ornament on the table.

And this is a new one, as well as the small bulb fairy lights, there is a table lamp to add romance to the table. If you don’t have a power supply outdoors, then try a battery-powered bulb in a table lamp for the same effect. 


If you are lucky enough to have a super large balcony or veranda then you can go all out decadence when you’re entertaining friends.

There are so many interesting elements here; the sheer curtains as a backdrop to give elegance and privacy, the chunky rustic table against pretty glassware and flowers, and trendy white dining chairs. 

Set further along the natural looking astroturf is a beautiful rattan sofa surrounded by varied height plants, an on trend mirror and metal lanterns. If you want to push the boat out then this monochrome scheme shows how fake grass can bring a look together.

Lighting Up a Pretty Balcony

The design of the chairs and trellis in this garden looks a little like lace. With the blooms and soft planting, the festoon lights set off this pretty balcony.

The astroturf against the chairs has a suburban mid century feel and the barbeque looks set for entertaining that couple next door. Perfect if you’re after a little nostalgia when you relax. 

Up the Wall

This has to be one of the most unusual choices you’d find on a balcony. If you’re loving the fake grass look then why not go vertical and take it on up the wall? The astroturf is laid not only on the balcony but is wrapped around it.

To add interest, fake flowers have been inserted to form diagonal contrasting rows. A most unexpected use of design, this look will work if you like something a bit more unconventional.


Fake grass in backyards has been seen much in recent years as a low maintenance, durable option. It’s great if you need a hard wearing floor covering for your balcony also. 

You can create a small back garden scene with lots of plants and greenery. Or you might prefer a colorful unapologetically synthetic look with pinks and oranges in your scheme. Add pot plants and accessories for interest.

For those who like to be creative with their outdoor looks you can use other materials such as wood and stone with your astroturf. And if you’re really brave, you could lay fake grass on your balcony wall!