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Fall Decor for Coffee Table

By: Nishtha Sadana |

Fall is probably the coziest season. In the fall, you experience all the gorgeous shades of brown, red, and orange, the warm smells, and the tasty spices. And, of course, who doesn’t want to add some of that magic to their home?

Adding stunning fall decorations can transform your living space and create a wonderful homely atmosphere. So here are some of our ideas on how you could decorate your coffee table!

Pumpkins Are a Fall Staple

 Pumpkins Are a Fall Staple scaled

Orange, white, or green, large or small, it doesn’t matter! Pumpkins are pretty much a staple piece of fall decor. This lovely fall vegetable is as tasty as it is aesthetically pleasing, making it the most relevant vegetable of the season.

You can dress them up with herbs, flowers, fruits, and other decorations, or just place a couple of pumpkins by themselves! 

Fall Decor Doesn’t Have to Be Flashy

 Fall Decor Doesnt Have to Be Flashy scaled

An issue a lot of people have with fall decor is that it can be a bit much. Overwhelming bundles of fall decor aren’t the best option for small coffee tables. But this doesn’t mean you can’t participate!

You can go pretty minimal. Here you can see a couple of white handles in simple glass holders paired with a chunky ceramic vase. It is just your regular coffee table decor which was easily spiced up by a couple of tiny pumpkins, creating a simple yet stunning fall arrangement.

A Decorative Plate Makes for Great Decor

 A Decorative Plate Makes for Great Decor scaled

Sometimes the best decor is the simplest one. And not to mention that a lot of people prefer decor that can last for more than one season, So combine the two, simplicity and durability, by going for a fall-themed decorative plate.

These decorative plates are very versatile, you can put them up on a shelf, use them as a serving tray, or do just about anything with them. Here, they created a unique look by putting a pumpkin-themed decorative plate inside a terracotta bowl alongside a beautiful white pumpkin. Simple, long-lasting, and gorgeous!

Wheat Looks Stunning as Decor

 Wheat Looks Stunning as Decor scaled

Wheat is a classic choice for fall decor. And for a good reason too. Depending on the way it’s styled, wheat can look elegant, or it can have a cozy soft look. You can easily switch between the styles by changing the vases you place your wheat in.

Here, you can see what wheat looks like in a cozier setting. It’s the centerpiece in a farmhouse-style home, which you can see by the laid-back juglike choice of the vase. Paired with some tiny pumpkins and gorgeous rustic candleholders, it creates quite a cozy look.

Add a Pumpkin to Your Regular Decore to Spice it up

 Add a Pumpkin to Your Regular Decore to Spice it up scaled

For those of you who already have your ideal coffee table decor at home, you don’t need to take it apart, just add some white pumpkins! You’ll automatically have some fall flair, without too much effort.

Dry Foliage Always Works

 Dry Foliage Always Works scaled

When decorating your home, thinking outside the box is a must. Especially when you’re considering the decor. As you can see, you can create fall decor out of absolutely anything – dry foliage included.

If you feel like your decor just isn’t enough, adding some leaves around can tie the entire thing together. And you can decide to place them in their designated spots, or just put them on the table, wherever. Both options look fantastic!

Fruit Baskets Are Phenomenal as Decor

 Fruit Baskets Are Phenomenal as Decor scaled

Fruit baskets are lovely. They’ve been used as decor for centuries, but they can never go out of style. Especially during fall. You can simply fill a nice thick basket with all different types of fall produce to create a gorgeous look.

Pair them up with a large pumpkin on the side, a beautiful sunflower, and even some decorative herbs if your coffee table allows for it. This will make for glorious, rich fall decor!

Trays Are Always Super Useful

 Trays Are Always Super Useful scaled

If you’re unsure how to create your ideal fall decor, starting with a tray is always a good choice. It will ensure you don’t overdo the decoration and overflow your coffee table, and it’s always easy to move around.

A tiny squash complemented by a beautiful candle and some charming foliage is enough to create a pretty seasonal look.

Red Berries Aren’t Exclusive to Christmas

 Red Berries Arent Exclusive to Christmas scaled

Many people associate red berries with Christmas and its red-green color scheme, but they can also fit beautifully with fall decor. Their leaves add some always-welcome greenery to your home!

These berries add a pop of color, so you can keep the rest of the decor pretty neutral. Here they picked out green pumpkins and a neutral vase. With just three items and some berry wreaths, your coffee table can look abundant without being overwhelming!

Fill a Pumpkin With Some Flowers

 Fill a Pumpkin With Some Flower scaled

Carving pumpkins is a fun activity, and they always look cool. So if you like to carve pumpkins and enjoy the look but don’t want a full-on Halloween setup just yet consider using a pumpkin as a vase.

Carve out the insides of a pumpkin, but save the top, and just simply fill it with flowers, herbs, wheat, or anything you’d like. A pumpkin vase is a fun, unique idea that’s bound to look good on your coffee table.

Mushrooms Make for Unconventional yet Gorgeous Decor

 Mushrooms Make for Unconventional yet Gorgeous Decor scaled

Fall is the peak season for mushrooms. And if you find picking mushrooms fun, and always come back home with a bunch, using them as decor is a great idea! Mushrooms come in all shapes and sizes, so you can use them to create all kinds of looks, matching them with the rest of the furniture.

The easiest way to do so is to simply place them on a tray, and combine them with other kinds of fall decor! But because of their versatility, you’ve got tons of options.

Candles Are a Must-Have

 Candles Are a Must Have scaled

Some of the staples of fall decor (alongside pumpkins, of course) are candles. There are tons of different candles, so you can mix and match them easily. And you can light them to create a dimmed-down, cozy atmosphere.

If you want candles to be the main component of your coffee table arrangement, consider investing in some candle holders! These cages are a great example of fall candle decor, as they have a stunning vintage look while also having a bit of that spooky Halloween vibe we all love!

Chestnuts Are Another Food That Works as Decor

 Chestnuts Are Another Food That Works as Decor scaled

Using chestnuts in your decor is easy (and tasty for those who want to sneak a bite), and they can look phenomenal! 

You can make them your centerpiece and place them in a bowl or take a few odd ones and put them on a tray alongside other decors. No matter the style, chestnuts are a wonderful addition to a fall arrangement.

Pick Plushy Pumpkins for a Luxe Long-Lasting Look

 Pick Plushy Pumpkins for a Luxe Long Lasting Look scaled

If you’re not a fan of fresh produce as decor, that’s completely understandable. But it doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the fun of decorating in the fall. You can choose some velvety pumpkin-shaped decor to create your fall look!

This plushy pumpkin is gorgeous! It has a rich, even luxurious vibe to it. A pumpkin like this elevates the look of your coffee table decor from  DIY to luxurious looking in no time. And not to mention, they’re reusable!

Lanterns Look Lovely as Fall Decor

 Lanterns Look Lovely as Fall Decor scaled

Lanterns have a charming vintage touch to them. They also have their fair share of versatility. So you can pick out those old large petroleum lanterns as the centerpiece of a spooky arrangement. Or maybe place a small lantern on the side of a tray.

With a small candle inside and a bunch of fall produce around it, this adorable white lantern can fit quite well in any home!

Don’t Forget the Sunflowers

 Dont Forget the Sunflowers scaled

We often say goodbye to warm, sunny days in October! But luckily, we can still preserve a bit of sunshine in our homes by getting sunflowers. And these gorgeous big flowers are the perfect fall decor.

Picking out a metal churn as a vase is perfect for rustic homes or if you have a lot of farmhouse decor. But no matter the container, these flowers will look striking in your living room, turning heads around!


There are many sides to fall decor. You’ve got staple pieces like pumpkins and candles that you simply can’t go wrong. But you can go for some unconventional picks that feel just right in a fall ensemble, like mushrooms or chestnuts.

In any case, the options are limitless. So don’t be scared to try different things out. Mix and match until you create the perfect coffee table decor this fall.  Best of luck!