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How to Store Hair Accessories

By: Joanne Derrick |

Do you always feel like you’re losing hair accessories? You just bought a new pack of hair elastics and they’ve disappeared again! 

You could probably do with some storage solutions that mean you can always see your hair accessories. But if you like your home interiors, you’ll want them to look good too. 

Particularly for children’s bedrooms there are some super cute ideas to keep all things hair in order. And also some tidy away ideas for the grown ups too. 

Storage Drawers

In your bathroom or in a bedroom you may have a drawer overflowing with hair accessories. But when you need that bobby pin to secure your hair before you leave for a night out, you have to rifle through the entire drawer. Annoying!

The answer is to buy some clear acrylic plastic drawer dividers or trays. Take everything out of the drawer and get all your hair accessories together in one spot. 

Then put dividers or trays in the drawers and allocate each kind of hair accessory type to each tray, eg hair elastics, barrettes etc. As you tidy away, group similar colors together. Not only will this be hugely satisfying but it’ll make your drawer interior look great too.

Beautifully Tidy Closet Shelf

If you or your daughter love bows then you probably have a lot! A good way of keeping them organized in a closet or cabinet is to put them in a box.

A decorative box will look good on the shelf. But to see what is in each box and to be gloriously colorful too, you can get clear plastic storage boxes so you can see all your hair accessories at a glance. Handy yet pleasing to look at. 

You’re Hooked

If your daughter loves her bows on colorful hair elastics and has quite a collection, then she’ll love this storage idea. 

A personalized name board which has multiple hooks will easily keep hair bows neat. But it will also be a cute addition to a child’s bedroom. 

What’s more you can make it really personal by making hair accessory storage yourself by using versatile wood pegboard. You can paint and decorate this however you want.

Hair Bow Picture Frame

Either hung on the wall or the back of a door, this idea is so pretty. A picture frame which is encased with chicken wire makes the perfect place for you to clip all hair accessories. And you can have fun making your own pictures from your array of hair bows and clips. 

Simple to make yourself, you might like to try making your own DIY hair bow holder. You can paint it the same color as the bedroom it’s going in or add a bright color for some dayglo pop!

Hair Organizer Wall

You can add a little hair accessories area to a child’s bedroom that will give all the pleasure of dress-up and the feel of their own little shop. 

A macrame hanger is a great place to clip on pretty barrettes. It’s also super trendy which is important for any discerning young person.

Then add self adhesive metal hooks to the wall to take hair elastics and a mini metal shelf for scrunchies. Not only can you see every bow and adornment but it looks lovely too. 

Headband Storage

Headbands can be tricky to store as they seem to get in the way of other items and can’t be packed neatly away in a drawer.

So how about some self adhesive plastic rods you can fix to the wall or to other pieces of furniture? You can simply hang your headbands in a color coordinated way over the bars. You know someone’s going to love this!

Leather Look Hairpin Holder

A delightful way to store hairpins is by clipping them to leather straps which are made specially for the purpose and can be fixed on the wall. 

The straps look so cute when hung in a row. And if you buy the kind with a loop at the bottom, you can also hang up some pretty headbands too.

Rainbow Macrame Hanging

What child doesn’t love rainbows? So, as the design at the top of a macrame hair pin holder, this is a winner for any child who loves to do their hair.

Easy to fix to the wall – you can even use a thumbtack. You can get your little one to organize their hair accessories so they always know where to find them.

Hair Accessories Canisters

Apothecary style canisters not only look stylish but if you buy the transparent plastic kind, you can view all the hair scrunchies and hairpins at a glance to pick the right one.

If you have several young people (or old!) who like to use hair accessories, then you can personalize the jar so the clips and bows don’t get muddled. 

You could try using a paint pen to write on a name or draw a picture. Or you could set your offspring free with their favorite stickers to decorate their own canister how they want it.

In Summary

Hair accessories are easy to lose or seem to litter the wrong places! So it’s important to find some storage that suits your home. 

From wall hangings and frames, to drawer tidies and canisters, there’s a style to suit the hairdresser in your family’s room. And if you’re handy you can have a go at making some yourself.

Once you have your bows and clips organized, they’ll be easy to find and what’s more will be a colorful addition to any child’s bedroom.