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Kitchen Light Fixtures – Choosing the Best Lighting for Your Kitchen

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Ideas for Choosing the Best Lighting for Your Kitchen

When decorating kitchens its easy to overlook lighting. Often spending days if not weeks on choosing appliances, cabinets and flooring, kitchen lighting is often left for last when the budget is almost gone.

Ceiling fans and kitchen lighting do more than give you much needed lighting. In fact, the latest kitchen lighting trends can make your kitchen go from ‘meh’ to magnificent. Never underestimate the pull of beautiful lighting.

kitchen lighting fixtures

Kitchen lights change the look of your kitchen space and improve its functionality. Working in a well lit kitchen is a joy and makes all your cooking tasks go faster and easier. Ever seen how bright professional kitchens look? These kitchens are filled with kitchen lights. If you want to remodel or update your kitchen start with your kitchen lighting.

led kitchen pendants

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Trending kitchen light fixtures include:

  1. LED lights for long lasting, cheaper running costs.
  2. contrasting natural materials with sophisticated materials – like wood, rope, linen or twine with crystal,
  3. using mini pendants in clusters at different heights to mimic a chandelier,
  4. orblike circular shaped chandelier or pendants,
  5. crystal styled chandeliers for glamorous kitchens.

task lighting

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With all these new trends where do you begin? These ideas might help you choose the right kitchen light fixtures for your home.

What’s the Function of Lighting in Your Kitchen?

Choosing kitchen light fixtures for your kitchen during the day may not seem like a mistake. The fixture looks great, they are new, on trend and within your budget. Job done! You might even add a dimmer to control the amount of light, for mood setting and drama. If your kitchen is a working kitchen, it’s best to choose your lighting at night and in the areas of the kitchen you need it the most.

single kitchen island pendant

This will help you work out your task lighting, direct lighting and overall lighting. The new modern kitchen lights are romantic compared to the recessed, hidden lights of the past. A large pendant light fixture that only has a single bulb may not be enough light for a large kitchen. You may need more lights to make your kitchen easy to work in. Its wise to use more task lighting fixtures, pendant lights or strip lighting.

Kitchen and Dining Room

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LED Lighting

LED bulbs are now in many kitchen light fixtures because they are efficient, long lasting and they give off little to no heat, reducing risk of fire. Use a variety of LED fixtures to create layers of light. No single light source can give you all the light you need for a fully functional kitchen.


Your lighting plan should include overhead lights, task lighting like under cabinet fixtures or recessed lights to reduce shadows. In a new kitchen or kitchen remodel, you can easily add LED fixtures to your plan. The downside is the price point. LED’s are an expensive lighting option up front but only up front.

They also last between 50,000 – 60,000 hours (or 6 years) versus 1,200 (50 days) for a standard bulb when left on 24 hours a day. LED’s also use 10 times less electricity and are environmentally safe. Looks like LED’s are winning until you look at the color they emit. The blueish tone is less cozy than regular warmer tone bulbs, but this too is changing. Expect more warmer toned bulbs in the future.

orb style chandelier

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Kitchen Lights with a Cozier, Warmer Feel

Remember that incandescent lights burn faster than LED lights? They also give off more heat. This is great in cooler climates, but less attractive in warmer regions or warmer times of the year. If you love the warm glow of incandescent bulbs, and it suits your home and your climate, use them. There are beautiful transitional, farmhouse, rustic, minimalist and modern styles that use incandescent bulbs.

Halogen Lights for Big to Huge Kitchens

Halogen lights are useful for long counter tops, cabinets, and islands. These are perfect for directional kitchen light fixtures or track lights. They use the same amount of energy as incandescent bulbs but give off more light and a lot more heat.

Breathtaking French Country kitchen oversized kitchen lanterns

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These lamps are excellent to control motion fixtures that mechanically turn on while you move on different areas of your kitchen. But they can get very hot and while they are great task lights, they are not always the best solution. If you are thinking of layering your LED, incandescant and halogen lights, its best to do them all together so you can see effect.

Elements of Kitchen with Accent Lighting

Rustic Kitchen. Beautiful Rustic Kitchen Design. #Rustic #Kitchen

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Kitchen lighting fixtures are beautiful features for a designer touch. Remember to layer your lighting, creating enough lighting to work on dull winter days or long into the night. Each form of lighting has it pluses and minuses, use them all to your advantage to lower your energy costs and boost your kitchen lighting at the same time.

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Directional lighting can be used as task lighting or as a way to highlight your new appliances or wall decor. If you love halogen lights but not the heat they create, add a ceiling fan to reduce the heat during warmer months.

You can select beautiful light fixtures that go well with the decoration of your house. Kitchen light fixtures today are high quality, aesthetic and cost efficient. If you want to draw the attention of visitors to a specific corner of your house, choose your accent lighting well for a classy, romantic kitchen look.