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Modern Coastal Office Decor Ideas

By: Emily Brookes |

Who doesn’t love the smell of the ocean and the gorgeous vibe of all those lovely coastal places? It’s magical, to say the least. So naturally, a lot of people want to emulate that wonderful feeling in their own homes, by picking out coastal decor.

But this look doesn’t need to be exclusively bound to a bedroom or a living room. It can work so well in an office, as a fabulous twist on your regular modern design. And here are some of our ideas on how to make it work.

Rattan Chairs Are a Staple of the Coastal Look

 Rattan Chairs Are a Staple of the Coastal Look scaled

Choosing the right chair is the most important thing when it comes to furnishing your office. After all, you’ll sit there for hours on end and you should feel comfortable. A rattan chair can be the perfect pick for you.

Though it might not seem that way, rattan chairs (commonly also known as wicker chairs) are incredibly comfortable and can provide good support for your back. And of course, not to mention that they work wonders in a coastal room. Don’t skip out on a rattan chair!

Antique-Looking Desks Are Perfect for Coastal Offices

 Antique Looking Desks Are Perfect for Coastal Offices scaled

As your office desk is also one of the main furniture pieces in your office, it’s crucial to pick one that fits all your requirements. When creating a modern coastal office, you should have a mix of sleek modern furniture, and some shabbier coastal elements.

Going for an antique-looking desk sets the tone for a softer coastal look. Especially when it’s made out of driftwood, or any other light-colored material. This is a perfect pick if you want to lean more into the nautical side and create a dreamy office space.

Consider Painting Your Walls Blue

 Consider Painting Your Walls Blue scaled

What’s more coastal than the color of the sea? One of the easiest ways to create a gorgeous nautical feel in your office is to add a splash of blue. But rather than going for a blue desk or a chair, consider repainting your walls a nice calming blue.

Choosing blue paint for your office walls has many benefits, it’s known to boost productivity, and keep your mood stable and calm. And not to mention it will match your coastal furniture perfectly. All in all, a great choice!

A White Wooden Desk Looks Stunning in a Modern Coastal Office

 A White Wooden Desk Looks Stunning in a Modern Coastal Office scaled

White is an essential coastal color that keeps getting featured in coastal homes. So, adding some white to your office will help achieve that desired coastal look.

Picking a white wood desk is a fantastic example. This desk here is simple, clean-cut, and made out of white wood. Its design is simple enough for a modern touch, while the white is strongly reminiscent of an airy nautical look.

A Plank Ceiling Will Make Your Modern Coastal Office Shine

 A Plank Ceiling Will Make Your Modern Coastal Office Shine scaled

If you’re planning to completely renovate your office, we wholeheartedly recommend a fabulous plank ceiling. This ceiling style is very nautical, and it adds a lot of depth to your office. 

This style works well even in small offices. Picking out planks made out of light wood can even open up your space, and make it feel a lot larger.

Decorate With Some Distressed White Pillows

 Decorate With Some Distressed White Pillows scaled

When it comes to decorating your office, you can’t go wrong with throw pillows. They’re adorable, but can also be useful, especially when you need some back support after a long day in front of your laptop.

These distressed white pillows look dashing. The color and the texture feel very much coastal. This will certainly add that laid-back dimension to your office, and complete the entire look.

Pick a Light Wood Shelving Unit

 Pick a Light Wood Shelving Unit scaled

Shelves are a must-have in any office space. Because they’re quite sizable and take up a lot of space in the office, it’s crucial to pick out a shelf that adds to your desired interior design style.

Going for a simple light wood shelf is the way to go when you’re decorating a modern coastal office. The light colors give the whole room a calming oceanic look, but the basic silhouette of the shelf still adds modernity to the whole room.

Plants Make for Fantastic Office Decor

 Plants Make for Fantastic Office Decor scaled

Plants are ideal for decorating an office. They add a lot of visual interest to the space while creating a welcoming atmosphere. Plants will also add to the coastal atmosphere of the room, as the greenery feels relaxing and can easily remind you of the seaside.

Adding some greenery is a must in really pale spaces, which can be the case with coastal rooms. Plants will add vibrance to the room, creating a much-needed visual boost and balance.

Go For Rattan Boxes When Choosing Storage Options

 Go For Rattan Boxes When Choosing Storage Options scaled

When furnishing an office, be prepared to allow for a lot of storage space for different files, books, or any other administrative work. One of the best storage options for a coastal office is a lovely rattan box.

Since the material is so lightweight and durable, they’re ideal for storing a bunch of paperwork, or anything you might need. These boxes are perfect for keeping your office-clutter free, but not to mention they look incredibly stylish and will fit right in with the rest of your coastal decor.

Choose Nautical Decor to Match the Theme

 Choose Nautical Decor to Match the Theme scaled

If you want to additionally evoke the feel of relaxed seaside living in your working space, consider investing in nautical decor. Anchors, ropes, ship’s wheels, and other nautical staples make for stunning decor options. 

Here, they went for a small ship’s wheel that pairs beautifully with the white paneled wall. This little detail adds a lot of life to the room, adding that beautiful touch of the seaside.

Go for a Modern Driftwood Desk

 Go for a Modern Driftwood Desk scaled

Who says that driftwood doesn’t work well in modern spaces? When you want to create an elaborate mix of modern and coastal interior design, mixing materials is often the way to go.

Picking out a modern-style desk with sharp lines and a simple design, that’s actually made out of driftwood, makes for a perfect modern twist on the coastal look. A desk like this looks chic, with stunning natural tones. It’s practically made for a modern coastal office.

In Conclusion

Pairing modern design with coastal elements might seem challenging at first. But it’s crucial to know the staples of each of these styles, and how to combine them. Neutral colors, especially white, can be found within both styles, so it’s a perfect color choice.

Go for sleek furniture, but make sure it’s made out of light-colored wood materials. And don’t forget to decorate with some plants and nautical elements!