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Should Nightstands Match?

By: Joanne Derrick |

We’re all used to nightstands in pairs, right? You’d imagine that when you buy a new bed that you’ll look to buy matching nightstands. Indeed, there are some great coordinating looks for this choice, especially when you consider the rules for styling them.

But if you prefer designer impact, then consider the concept of mis-matched nightstands. For a more current or Bohemian look, you can mix and match your nightstand materials, and add variety and interest with your styling. 

Pairing Your Bedroom Decor

Traditional Matching Nightstands

 Traditional Matching Nightstands scaled

This is a good solid look for a pair of traditional nightstands and for those who are comfortable with convention. 

The cupboards either side of the bed tone in with the dotted pattern bed linen, as well as with the glitz and polish of the room. The lamps are symmetrical and even the styling on the nightstand surfaces are similar.

This kind of look can be a good foundation if you already have these items in situ, but you might like to follow some tips and ideas further down for styling your nightstand to add a little extra oomph.

Tone in with Bold Bedroom Art

Here there is a case for matching nightstands. The artwork above the bed is such a statement piece that anything else too daring could get lost. The bed is covered in blue velvet which echoes the drama of the painting.

The wood detail from the bedstead is replicated in the pair of nightstands and the scheme is finished with shades which complement the colors in the painting.

This room already has bags of character, with a feature fireplace and window shutters, that these nightstands can safely stay backstage. 

Asymmetry is important in design and that ‘off’ look is created here by the placing of the mismatched pillows. A truly sumptuous look. 

Black Tables with Minimal Blush Bedroom Styling

You’ll want to consider what practical purpose your nightstand will have. If you know that you’ll just need to put your phone or a book on it, and you already have plenty of storage in your bedroom, then this cute pair of tables look effortlessly stylish.

This is a clean look so if you prefer things minimal, take a tip from this scheme. The bed and the nightstands are uncluttered and smooth. But the picture and vase on the left hand table give that designer asymmetry. The darker pink throw adds casual drama to finish the look.

Dramatic Styling for Matching Nightstands

In this room there’s nothing dull about the way furniture has been paired. If you already have matching nightstands that you want to reuse then this might give you some ideas for an update. 

Although these tables match, they have an unusual design which gives impact. The right hand table is styled with huge dried grasses, a round mirror and bamboo ladder. There is a cohesion to these light objects against the dark-colored wall. 

Mismatching Nightstand Ideas

Mixing Materials

 Mixing Materials scaled

For a look that’s simple and uncontrived you can repurpose existing furniture for a fantastic, new bedroom design. This setting takes a white traditional nightstand which is echoed by the plain white lampshade on the chest.

As well as mixing shapes in design and using imagination with the placing of pieces, texture is also important. In a bedroom this can be created with bed linen but also consider the materials of your furniture. The metal chest adds texture in this otherwise simple bedroom.

Using Shape Creatively

Getting creative with the overall design of your bedroom can render an unpredictable look for your scheme. 

This simple arrangement has character in spades. A huge departure from the matching nightstands theme, this room goes for a connection with the furniture and is picture perfect. 

Note the varied heights of all the chosen pieces. The nightstand table has an interesting sculpture. And instead of a table lamp, a hanging light shade lands at around the height you would expect a bedside spot lamp to be. 

The chest of drawers has a purpose and is styled with interesting ceramics. Also the framed print is not central over the bed as per tradition, but is off center. The natural tones of the nightstand furniture allow the expensive wood on the bed to pop. 

Bedside Chair and Wooden Nightstand

This is interesting styling of the bed we saw earlier with the bold bedroom art. Here, the nightstands are not matched, in fact one is not even a nightstand – it’s a chair!

There is thought to the overall design of the room. This comfy upholstered chair has books casually strewn on it. It doesn’t look like you’ve tried too hard. 

The colors of the nightstand table and the chair tone in with the wood of the bed. The table top is kept simple with a small, plain lamp. 

The artwork is placed off center above the bed so that we see the detail in the paneled walls. The concept of layering and texture is further enhanced by the large, rubbery plant. 

Climbing the Ladder

The beauty of these nightstands is that neither are conventional nor expected. Wooden chairs are placed either side of the bed which can easily house your bedtime reading material. There is some display space on the shelf above the bed so the chairs can afford to be simple.

The ladder propped against the wall adds designer asymmetry, as well as height and shape, and layering of materials to add texture. Be creative with your furniture and experiment with heights.

Light, Bright and in the Pink

Blush colors are still of the moment and this bedroom uses them to full effect. But what goes best with a pale theme? 

The mismatched nightstands here offer contrasting heights in pale wood and white wood. For drama, you may want to pick a dark wood, or if you had an unusual nightstand that would work too.

In this arrangement, where it’s all about the pale pink tones and pretty lights, the unobtrusive nightstands blend in.

Unique Nightstand Inspiration

For a tribal, earthy look, this scheme has really gone for it! There is a lot of texture from the fabrics, rug and planting. Therefore the nightstands are the same tone as the jute rug and are in keeping with the natural look. 

These nightstands produce intrigue, however, as the stepped table is far from ordinary.On the other side of the bed, a small rope hanging shelf provides the perfect spot for a couple of books and a vase of soft dried grasses.

Statement Plants by Your Nightstand

This aerial photo does a great job of showing the full effect of the nightstand choices in this on-trend bedroom. There are textures and shapes aplenty. 

The nightstand is wooden inverted pyramids reminiscent of a tribal drum. And the genius? To the right, there is no nightstand – as such. A pot plant on the floor instead adds to a jungle feel. 

For practicality though, the bench in the window offers a place to drop some books or to drape a robe. 

In Conclusion

You can absolutely match your nightstands, however you’ll need to think about how you arrange your ornaments. You’ll want to add texture and character with plants, flowers and ornaments in varying heights.

For a more styled, designer look then throw away one of your nightstands! And repurpose a piece of furniture, a table or chair perhaps, to add the unusual. You may like to try a hanging shelf or a small box or chest paired with a traditional nightstand. 

Asymmetry rather than uniformity gives an interior design look to your bedroom. So the nightstands you choose and how you style them is most important.