• 5 Stylish Ways for Updating or Replacing Windows

    Updating or replacing windows might seem like a daunting task but have you ever seen a house that just looks sad? A new coat of paint won’t hide windows that look tired, vacant and out dated, and let’s face it, this reflects on your home and curb appeal. Updating your windows look can lift your home, seal it from the elements, reduce your air conditioning and heating costs, add more natural light and that new curb appeal.

    replacing windows

    Windows are a hugely important to any home. They rarely get the credit, maintenance or updating they deserve. Once they are in, well, they are in and forgotten. This post looks at 5 methods for updating or replacing windows for a fresh new look. You don’t have to replace your windows to get a stylish look, you can add window box planters or shutters on the outside or window treatments on the inside.

    French doors

    1. Replacing Windows

    If you home is older its likely your windows are smaller. You might also need more windows to allow a generous amount of natural light into your home each day. Two good reasons to look at replacement windows. Another reason to look at new windows is that they date your home or don’t fit the current style of your home. Either way, replacing windows is a great way to add value to your home.

    replacement windows

    Luckily, there’s a massive variety of beautiful stylish windows available. Depending on your budget, you can choose windows that are larger, sealed perfectly to reduce heat in summer and cold in winter, with UV protection and great for privacy. That means you can look out but no-one can look in.

    replacing window designs

    You can select ceiling to floor windows for your living room, beautiful French doors or bay windows for your bedrooms or dining room. The choice of grand windows, whether its wood or aluminum frames, and window glass, depends on your taste and budget but the investment will improve the value of your home and your everyday life.

    2. Build Window Box Planters

    Window box planters are a great device to bring attention to your windows by framing them, adding color, and interest and texture. Window box planters can be the same color as your window frames or guttering or you can introduce another color that can brighten your home. 

    Window box arrangements

    window boxes

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    The window box planters are often made of wood. Wood adds texture and wears well. You can leave them unpainted, stain them or paint them.

    window box planters

    They are also available in tin, aluminium, or other materials like bamboo. 

    3. Create DIY Window Shutters – Interior Window Shutters or Exterior Window Shutters

    Farmhouse exterior window shutters

    You can use window shutters inside or outside your home to add style, privacy and do without curtains or blinds completely. Outside they give your home character and style. If you are using them purely for decoration than size doesn’t matter but if you are planning on closing them, pay attention to the size.

    shutters and garden boxes

    Inside their minimalist streamlined finish makes rooms look bigger and less cluttered. They control the amount of light coming into your rooms and can block out street noise.

    plantation shutters

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    4. Painting Window Frames – Exterior or Interior

    If your free window estimate is more than you can afford right now, you might to do it in stages. Maybe you replace the front windows now, then the back of the house and just paint the rest. Or just paint them all now. 

    Hamptons Style Home in Queensland. Friday's Favourites, Gallerie B blog.

    Nothing looks fresher than a coat of paint. Depending on their condition, it should only take a few hours to make your window frames look new again.

    While white neutral colors have been used in the past, the trend is towards darker colors, like gray and black. These high impact, contrasting colors create a statement and look great against internal light colored walls. 

    5. Thick Ceiling To Floor Curtains

    If you are using curtains inside, they might hide your windows, but they should still make a statement. Closed thick heavy curtains are perfect for the living room and bedrooms. They cut out all light and create a cocoon environment for the best night’s sleep ever. 

    velvet curtains

    Curtains that run from the ceiling to the floor can create a strong powerful image. All eyes will be focused on hem when people walk into a room. You will wonder why you ever put up with boring curtains.

    These are just 5 tips you can use to create stylish interior and exterior windows. 


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