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What Color Hinges For White Cabinets?

By: Nishtha Sadana |

Ever heard of the phrase, ‘white goes with anything’? Well, this may not be the case when it comes to home decor. You might need all the credible resources for you to make it work. Thanks to the internet and other noteworthy sources, it’s possible to realize your dream for every room in your home.

On to the main question: what color hinges work best for white cabinets? Read on for all the crucial tips and facts.

Hinge Color Suggestions

Now that you know your way around the color picking exercise, let’s get down to the nitty gritty. Here are some color suggestions for your hinges that you could never go wrong with;

Rose Gold

The one thing that makes rose gold stand out as a color scheme is that it’s versatile especially where white is involved. It’s been around long enough to understand how the magic works especially when it falls into the right pair of hands.

It adds a touch of class when you prefer the stainless steel appliances around your kitchen. It simply makes the blend of colors involved pop out gracefully. Not to mention that other accessories around your house such as centerpieces are covered.

Matte Black

It never seems to go out of style and retains its trendy yet timeless demeanour. Matte black  always takes on a magnificent contrast against all white cabinets as well as its cream white counterparts.

Matte black is also revered for its versatility when you need a change of cabinet designs but wish to retain the hinges. What’s more, matte black hinges are easy to come across and are pocket-friendly.

Don’t get me wrong, this is not to say that they are cheap and of low quality. On the contrary, they are lifesavers and work for any and every all-white cabinet.


If you’d like to get rid of the dull appearance in your kitchen or bathroom, silver does it. It works due to its shiny and elegant aspect especially when the lighting is exceptional. Silver is easy to maintain and always gives the impression of a neat and clean room.

Silver enables you to maintain the ageless aura of simplicity as a homeowner. A calm ambiance shines through excellently once you install silver colored hinges to your white cabinets.

Besides, it will pair well with your appliances since most of them come in stainless steel colors.


You can never go wrong with brass color for your hinges especially when all else fails. You can use it in other rooms including bedrooms and bathrooms and it’ll still retain its charm. Not to  mention how durable they can be when you play your maintenance card right.

Factors To Consider

When selecting the best color hinges to pair up with your white kitchen cabinets, you’ll need some guiding factors. Here are some of them:

  • Room design
  • Type of flooring
  • Wall colors
  • Appliance colors
  • Costs
  • Lighting

Room Design

The size of the room always seems to have the upperhand when making such crucial decisions. For instance, the last thing you’d want is to settle for colors that make your room look tinier than it is.

If you’d like to upgrade your room design to a more classy and elegant one, try adding a touch of polished brass. The reason for this is that polished brass is easier to maintain. It also adds a touch of sophistication when done to perfection.

The room design plays a crucial role also because it determines the general outlook. You might need the input of a certified expert especially if it’s your first time matching color hinges for white cabinets.

Type of Flooring

In most cases, the flooring ideas of your kitchen are determined by the adjoining rooms in your home. Failure to have a flooring theme makes it difficult and almost impossible to set the ball rolling on other areas.

The floor aspect is so vital that it determines features such as the hinge colors of your white cabinet. Laminate, hardwood, and tile are some of the most popular flooring options. Go for the most dominant color if yours is a cocktail of various hues that make it difficult for you to make up your mind.

A contrasting yet complementary color helps breathe life into your kitchen by giving it shape and personality. The flooring factor also gives you the chance to choose the colors that match up your cabinets perfectly.

For instance, laminate flooring or warm wood gives rise to the timeless combination between your most preferred hinge colors and the good old white cabinets. You can top it all up with countertops that are unique and daring enough to alternate between darker and lighter colors.

Wall Colors

The definition of an overall color scheme is inclusive of other elements such as wall colors. Oddly, they happen to be some of the most sidelined and downplayed when choosing hinge colors.

Unbeknownst to some of us, walls play the vital role of setting the mood and the tone of the home. As much as it’s usually covered up by furniture and appliances, a part of it still peeps through and reveals the rest of it.

Wall colors help in your hunt for the best hinge color to match up your white cabinets when balanced well with the floors. One way to complement your choice elements is by employing different color schemes on your wall such as dove grey, off-white,or cream.

Ensure that your wall colors are of more vibrant nature to make it easy for  you to pick the perfect colors for your hinges. This move also ensures that your cabinets and floors are more insync.

Appliance Colors

Whether built-in or portable, your choice of appliance colors always determines the outlook of your beignets. This includes the color of hinges to adopt with white cabinets. Portable appliances do have a say especially because they  come in different shapes, sizes, and  ofcourse, colors.

Your cabinet sector is only complete once you’re done picking the right appliance colors. Some of the main appliances include, fridge, sink, and dishwasher. These usually have the most impact on the  overall color scheme of your kitchen.

Uniformity is key since you wouldn’t want to have them look like you picked them randomly from a yard sale. Some of the most popular color schemes include white and grey. If you prefer the stainless steel kitchen appliances, think shades of grey, brown hues, and of course, the colors that you deem vibrant.

Obvious as it may seem, most homeowners get the whole concept wrong.


This is a factor that no one can and should try to evade. It’s inevitable since most of the decisions you make are hinged on the costs involved. Most hinge companies send their quotes based on the designs of the hinges you’d like installed to your cabinet.

Their colors are also just as important since some colors seem to be more on demand than others. That said, you should be prepared adequately to settle whatever bills come your way once you decide the colors that work for your cabinet.

One of the most frequent color schemes used on hinges are the brown hues and grey colors. This is simply because they add a touch of homeliness not just to your kitchen, but to the rest of the home.


Let’s not kid ourselves, this is one of the most integral factors that keep the kitchen/home in general together. Lighting brings out the true face of a room at any time of the day. This is to say that a perfect blend of colors makes it easier for the lighting aspect to manifest itself positively.

If you’re looking for warmth in your space, cream-yellow is the one to try out. Grey-blue colors are known for their unique ability to bring out the cooler tones to the room in question. Whichever way you  look at it, lighting will always have an effect of sorts on your preferred color scheme.

A better understanding of how lighting works under all circumstances makes it easier and more fun to pick out your theme colors.

In Conclusion

This is supposed to be a fun venture so, loosen up. Picking and pairing up all the right colors for your white cabinets should be a stress reliever. With so many options to choose from, what could possibly go wrong?

Besides, you are free to play around with different colors as long as you employ the services of a  certified interior design expert. By the time you’re done, you’ll step back and wonder if it’s your home or someone else’ house.