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 What Color of Carpet Goes With Gray Walls?

By: Samantha Cochran |

Gray is a fresh color that adds a certain modernity to a room. And it’s bright enough that it works perfectly as a wall color. But what should you do with your carpeting now that you’ve updated your wall color? Should it stay?

And what color carpet goes the best with gray walls? Well, we have the answer to your question! Here are some of the best carpet colors for gray walls.

White Carpets Look Fresh With Gray Walls

 White Carpets Look Fresh With Gray Walls scaled

For those who want to make sure their gray room looks bright and more open, picking out a white carpet is a fantastic choice. It’s a pretty neutral carpet color, and according to color psychology, it adds an innocent, clean touch to a room.

It’s also a phenomenal pick for smaller apartments, as white carpets can make the room appear larger. White carpeting works especially well with gray walls as it enhances them, creating an overall balanced look. 

Choose a Gray Carpet for a Modern Monochromatic Look

 Choose a Gray Carpet for a Modern Monochromatic Look scaled

If you’re a lover of the modern style, picking out gray for your walls and your floors makes the best base for a modern home. It’s a neutral color choice by itself, but the monochromatic look will add a certain modern edge from the very beginning.

This way the entire focus will be on your furniture, so you can be as extravagant as you’d like. Depending on the shades of gray you choose, your room will by default feel either airy and crisp, if you go for lighter tones, or serious and sophisticated if you prefer dark tones.

Here, they layered a white rug on top of the carpet to create a more unified look as it matches well with the bedding. And while layering rugs on top of carpets isn’t the most common practice, it still looks fantastic.

Beige and Gray Look Lovely Together

 Beige and Gray Look Lovely Together

Beige is a safe pick. But even though it’s safe, it doesn’t mean it’s any less than fantastic. It’s a magnificent option for many wall colors, since it’s so versatile. That includes gray. So no matter if you want darker gray walls, or if you prefer a brighter room, beige carpets will work like a charm.

This is a color combination that works well with all kinds of styles. No matter if you want a glam bedroom, or if you’re more on the contemporary side, you can’t go wrong with beige carpeting.

Brown Carpeting Looks Serious and Sophisticated in a Gray Room

 Brown Carpeting Looks Serious and Sophisticated in a Gray Room

Picking a rich, earthy color such as brown is never the wrong choice. It can be used in various ways when choosing the style of your room. Pair it with another neutral, yet natural color such as gray, and you’ve got yourself a stunning combo.

Brown carpets are a timeless choice. They help gray walls stand out, giving them a certain warmth they normally lack. This is a perfect combination for an office space or a study, as it makes the room looks smart and serious yet also sophisticated.

Don’t Be Afraid of Patterns

 Dont Be Afraid of Patterns scaled

Gray rooms can often look a bit dull, especially if you keep all your furniture in similar shades. You can easily add some visual interest to the room just by switching out the carpeting and opting in for a gorgeous patterned carpet.

Patterns don’t need to be colorful, bright or intimidating in any way. You can find tons of subdued options that will still fit great with the rest of your home. Here, they picked out a simple, pattern that’s still predominantly gray, but still refreshes the room quite a bit.

A Red Carpet Looks Luxurious With Gray Walls

 A Red Carpet Looks Luxurious With Gray Walls scaled

Red carpeting hints at fame, glamour and luxury. We associate it with Hollywood movie premieres, and the glam that comes with it. So why not add a bit of that luxury to your own home?

This red carpeting looks especially well paired with charcoal gray walls, creating a dark yet extremely lavish look. Here they combined it with some golden details to complete the gorgeous luxe look.

Black and Gray Are a Fantastic Combination

 Black and Gray Are a Fantastic Combination

Gray and black are both popular colors in modern and contemporary rooms, as they have a cool, sleek look that’s also quite elegant. This includes black and gray carpeting, as it can transform a simple room into a gorgeous elegant one.

Black carpeting is the perfect choice for those who aren’t afraid to add a bold edge to a room. It’s a carpet that creates a statement. Here it’s combined with gray in a classic checkered pattern, adding a compelling aspect to an already dark room.


Gray is a chic wall color, that works wonders as a neutral, since it can match so many other colors. This means you can choose from a bunch of different carpets. But the most important thing is to decide if you want a darker, more dramatic look for your room, or a bright, airy one.

So don’t be afraid to experiment, take out samples, mix and match, and try different contrasting looks until you find the perfect carpet for your gray walls!