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    Hand Painted Furniture

    Painting furniture is not difficult with the right tools, some space and a few great tips you can create a painted furniture masterpiece.

    My Romantic Home has some basic guidelines to help the beginner painted furniture. My Romantic home has been going for a few years now and the advice is as good today as it was then.

    The article covers stripping, sanding, safety, tools, prepping, adding appliqués or mouldings, priming and sealing, painting, distressing, adding accent colors and waxing. You can read the full article Painting Furniture Step By Step here.

    AGirlandABrush.net have lots of other great pieces of painted furniture like this one above called Audrey after Audrey Hepburn which you can see here.

    If you’re in a hurry try Karla’s Cottage shortcuts for painting furniture. Karla had an antique furniture painting business for years, painting furniture using this way. This tutorial is for painting furniture, particularly old pieces, with no sanding and no stripping – you read right.. no sanding and no stripping by using a bonding primer spray and your painted furniture keeps its beautiful aged spots in the varnish. Karla even does away with painting furniture, glazing them instead.  Read How To Custom Paint Furniture (The Short Cut Way) for more.

    If you want to add 180 years to your furniture consider crackling. The Crackle Paint Technique is in the video below. Youtube has more videos but this is a good start.

    I’ve found a few more short videos to help you decide how to treat your painted furniture.

    How-to faux Paint Antique Distressed Furniture

    This isn’t for the rushed or faint hearted. The video may appear long but watch it to the end.  Brian Grabski is an artist !  There is also an article at DesignedAndMade.com which is definitely worth following to get this Rockstar hand painted furniture finish.

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  1. I loved the tutorial and the above chair is so beautiful!

  2. Great tutorial videos! Brilliant post! BTW I just want to ask if this works on items made of metal?

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