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Painting Furniture – Tutorials, Videos and Tips

By: Decorated Life Team |

Hand Painted Furniture

Painting furniture is not difficult when you use the right tools, have some space to work and play in, and a few great tips with short cuts and professional details. Then its simple to create a painted furniture masterpiece.

painted furniture

My Romantic Home has some basic guidelines to help you if your are a beginner learning how to paint furniture. The article covers stripping, sanding, safety, tools, prepping, adding appliques or moldings, priming and sealing, painting, distressing, adding accent colors and waxing. You can read the full article Painting Furniture Step By Step here.

If you’re in a hurry and love to take shortcuts, you must try Karla’s Cottage shortcuts. Karla had an antique furniture painting business for years, painting furniture using this exact way. This tutorial is for painting furniture, particularly old pieces, with no sanding and no stripping – you read right.. no sanding and no stripping by using a bonding primer spray and your painted furniture keeps its beautiful aged spots in the varnish.

Karla even does away with painting furniture all together but simply glazing them instead. Here’s How To Custom Paint Furniture (The Short Cut Way) to show you exactly how.

Here’s a great shortcut to age your wood using vinegar and steel wool. It doesn’t come any easier than that. The longer you leave the steel wool in the vinegar, the better the result and the more weathered and aged your furniture will look.

Different woods react differently to the mixture.

If you want to quickly add 180 years or more to your furniture, try a paint technique called crackling. The video below shows the Crackle Paint Technique in detail. It adds age to your pieces that make them look as if they have naturally aged.

How-to Faux Paint Antique Distressed Furniture

Don’t you love transforming a piece of furniture from something bland to something amazing? Here’s how it can be done.

There is also an article at which is definitely worth following to get this Rockstar hand painted furniture finish.

Read How To Paint Furniture Like a Rockstar and Painted Furniture: Classic Furniture Twist for more ideas!