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12 Stylish Home Office Design Ideas

By: Decorated Life Team |

Here are 12 stylish home office design ideas that will have you feeling less suffocated by bare, white walls and fully energized with your working space. You can’t always control how an office cubicle looks, but at home transforming any spare space is important, especially if you want to enjoy your time and work to your full potential.

Easy to style desk

If you’re not sure where to start, look at these 12 stylish home office design ideas for a little inspiration. Its easy to change your home office into a Pinterest dream and love going to work!

Home Office Design Furniture

home office desk

  • Beautiful rich wood furnishings and leather upholstery are very last century. With space at a premium, today’s home office design is modern and minimalistic. Blending technology with design means sleeker lines, metal frames and functional furniture.

compact home office desk

  • Standing desks are popular because they are better for your back and your posture. Retractable, movable desks and chairs conserve space and pack away until you need them.

home office standing desk

  • Hiding your technology, wires, screens, filing cabinets and using concealed drawers are perfect for modems and printers. An amoire or cabinet can be used to store these along with stationery or you can use a smaller pull-out unit that can store neatly beneath your desk.

home office ideas

Minimalist Desk

  • Whether you work in a corporate setting or a home office, every desk can benefit from a bit of organizing. Begin styling your desk with matching desk organizers. They add flare, color and organization to your work space, and make finding papers and pens much easier.

organized home office

  • Place fresh flowers, potted orchids or succulents on or around your desk. As well as splashes of color and life, this also gives you a purer breathable space. Choose plants or flowers that are easy to care, and don’t need a lot of water, sunlight or repotting.

use potted plants

  • Change out any old or dirty mouse pads. Choose larger stain resistant fabrics to avoid coffee or tea stains.

Spectacular Tech

  • You don’t need the latest and greatest MacBook to make your office appear tech savvy. Pick out some high fashion computer accessories that you can use to conceal your dinosaur of a laptop. No one will ever know the difference!

A modern office space

  • Cable organizers are very cheap and easy to install. Remove the mess of Ethernet, HDMI, A/Vs and chargers sprawled about your office.
  • Consider cutting down on cables by using a charging valet station. This allows you neatly and wirelessly charge your phone, tablet, and other electronic devices.

Home Office Walls

  • Your office walls are the perfect place to add vision boards, motivational posters, chalk boards, weekly or monthly planners or inspirational wall decals and declutter your desk.

wall unit

  • Galvanized system components are smart, functional and trendy systems. They can also be used in any other part of your home. Organize mail, jot down your to-do’s, hang coats, and even add photos.

Make this DIY acrylic calendar

DIY acrylic Calendar from The Country Chic Cottage

  • If you prefer a minimalist design, wow your guests with a handmade acrylic calendar. It works as a great dry erase board so you can reuse it endlessly.

organized home office

If spending time in your office feels like work, try these home office design ideas and watch your productivity rise alongside your happiness.