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New Trends In Home Office Furniture and Décor

By: Decorated Life Team |

Home office furniture trends are changing as more people work from home. The traditional style home office with rich wood furnishings, leather upholstery and floor-to-ceiling bookcases is wonderful if you love that style of grandeur, but the trend in home office furniture and décor is embracing a new kind of modern office.

Home office

With the high demand on architects and designers to add a home office, space is being taken away from the entry and dining room to keep house sizes and building costs about the same. 

office Storage

Whether outfitting a basement, converting an attic, transforming a closet, or carving out a niche in the bedroom or the busiest part of the house, the latest modern home office furnishings and designs will help you create a home office that can outperform the best commercial office space.

home office in attic

Personal Home Office Space

Home Office Design Idea

Creating a home office is relatively easy:

  • Today’s computers are super-convenient to install. They have a small footprint and are more mobile than ever, removing the dedicated desktop in most cases.
  • Scanning and electronically storing documents has reduced the space need for hard copy storage.
  • Wireless modems and printers has reduced the number of untidy and hazardous cords.
  • Home offices rarely receive clients, making home office furniture less expensive and relatively informal.

corner home office nook

All of this means you can finally design and create a home office space that is personal and functional according to your needs and budget.

Sliding out table

Make Your Home Office Space Feel Like Your Own

You might be working in your pajamas, and the walk to the office might be shorter and traffic free, but you still need to produce quality work, and that often comes down to how smoothly your home office is run. 

The Zhush: Organization Made Chic - Basement office inspiration. This is what we need - long counter with turn for kids - but this is not industrial enough for me.

That means good ergonomic chairs, desk space, storage and working uninterrupted at your desk or on the phone. It also means being able to close doors from time to time to focus or for privacy.

home office privacy divider

Rising to the Occasion

You might need desk space, but do you really need a chair? Enter the standing desk. Sitting for hours at a desk is bad for your health and your posture. The adjustable standing desk means you can break up how you work, either sitting and standing while working.

standing Desk from Pottery Barn

Home office furniture trends are changing. 

A Bit of This and That

Home office furniture trends are turning to quality hand-made furniture as well as L-desk with adjustable return and matching bookcase.

home office with wingback task chair.

Rough-sawn wood and plank-top designs are popular along with details like chatter marks, dovetail joints and rustic index card hand pulls making them functional as well as beautiful to look at.

cuarto-sala-de-television-tv (25) Más

The best mobile home option is a designated home office suite. Today’s selections include everything from a classic heavy wood profile to the clean, uncluttered modern laminate over brushed nickel frame.

Take Your Office Wherever You Go

The great thing about a home office, is you don’t always have to be at home. A mobile laptop cart with storage may be just the thing you need to get the job done.

mobile laptop storage cart

This gives you the flexibility to work when and where you want or need to. Perfect for an apartment or small home, a laptop cart has a tiny footprint less than two feet in width and depth, and is also adjustable in height and lightweight for ease of mobility.

hand made desk

Space may not always be the issue but having options makes it easier to work from home without feeling cramped or confined. The home office furniture and décor you choose should meet your basic office requirements but also make you feel at home and easy to work in. Create a space you crave, one that accommodates your style and taste and super easy to work from.