Indoor plants are one of the leading trends in 2019. The air purifying trend is almost a movement due to the mood boosting and cleaner air benefits of plants. But unless you have the space, and a green thumb to keep your new plants alive, you will have to find another way to get the effect of natural decor without using house plants. Here are 8 ideas to get you started. 

Removable wallpaper mural

Leafy green removable wallpaper mural – Etsy UK

1. Outdoor Natural Materials

rattan chairs

Wicker and rattan furniture -Lulu and Georgia

Wicker and rattan furniture, normally reserved for the outdoors, have a wonderfully natural feel and look. You won’t get the air-purifying benefits but these natural materials can add texture and warmth to a space. You can use them in your furniture, as wall decor or accent pieces. 

Riverdale Pendant - Serena & Lily #Sala

Rattan chair and light fixture – Serena and Lily

2. Lush Green Paint

Making design decisions for your home can be a hand-wringing experience. But there

Green painted wall – Apartment Therapy 

3. Animal Materials and Fabrics

great mix of botanical and animal prints and texrures

Great mix of botanical and animal prints and textures – Bloglovin’

Animal prints and textures will give you a pop of color, and make the room look cozy and natural at the same time. Contrast again vibrant green tones to accentuate the natural decor look. 

4. Frame Your Garden With Windows

reading nook with a garden view

Frame your garden with windows – sfgirlbybay

5. Rethink Bridging Spaces


Use transitional spaces for added light – Equestrian USA

Spaces that bridge inside and outside can help you create a sun room look by restyling your back deck, front foyer or sun room so you can bring little more of the outside in. 

Julia Engel

Julia Engel’s Front Porch Is the Epitome of Southern Charm – Pinterest

6. Floral or Natural Patterns

Monstera Deliciosa Removable Wallpaper -

Monstera Deliciosa Removable Wallpaper

One idea is to use plant prints on your walls using wallpaper. Palm motif throw pillows, floral wallpaper, or a leafy rug can create a greenhouse vibe all year round.

Liora Manne Terrace Palm Indoor Outdoor Rug, Green

Leafy rug details

7. Glass Panel Doors and Cabinets 

Sliding cabinet doors for China

Glass cabinets let light and garden through – Pinterest

Adding glass to doors and cabinets allows more natural light to pass into the interior of your home and reflect any garden views into your home. 

8. Wall Decor 

Botanical art framed with french matting by Liz Williams Interiors - Hadley Court

Plant prints lend a natural vibe – Instagram

Framed art work, fabric or even wallpaper are a clever way to bring color, texture and natural decor motifs of indoor plants into your rooms. Floor to ceiling leafy prints, floral pieces or lush green is a great way to add the feel of indoor plants to your home without the plants themselves. 

If you love the idea of a more organic look but don’t want to use plants to get the look, using natural green garden decor is the next best thing. How will you use these ideas?