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Amazing Rooftop Decor Ideas to Steal

By: Decorated Life Team |

Make Your Rooftop Attractive: Rooftop Decor Ideas

Guest Blogger – Chris Lundahl 

The rooftop of a house goes unnoticed when it looks right, but when it looks wrong it sticks out like a sore thumb. It’s the “protector” of your home; most of the time it needs to be practical, leak proof and easy to maintain. Once you have a practical, sustainable rooftop over your head, you can add design, decor, and color to create interesting style and character.

Architecture by Mellowes & Paladino

Adding style to your roof depends on the shape of your roof; so you can stand out in your street and from your neighbors’.

small rooftop terrace

Painted Roof

The simplest way to change your roof is with color. Painting your home’s exterior is the least expensive way to update its look. You want a roof paint color that fits your home’s architectural style and compliments your house.

metal roof on white

If you have a Victorian home, painted in a four-color scheme, adding a fifth color to your rooftop is fine, but if you have a Colonial style home, it would be too much.

Roof Color

With so many great colors to choose from, its easy to get lost. You want something striking and classic. Painting your roof is not something you want to do often.

i really like the lighter grey/putty color on the brick, with the DARKER color (instead of white) on the door/trim/gutter/soffit/fascia, and a black roof. with black lighting fixtures. such a classy look. that would look great on your home.:

Going classic, like black or dark gray, will keep you in style for years to come.

warm black trim with Taupe

Recent studies have found that white roofs reduce the effects of global warming by reflecting heat back off the house and into space. This could be the perfect option to reduce your cooling costs.

 white rooftop decor

Rooftop Garden

Growing a garden on a flat roof has so many added bonuses; creating an additional entertaining or relaxing zone, adding a vegetable garden, or adding decorative garden. Its free space, so enjoy!

rooftop entertaining area …:

There is nothing more attractive to a home than a beautiful well-trimmed garden, why not add that attraction to your roof? Did you know that it can triple the life expectancy of a roof membrane?

Or reduce air-conditioning stress by 25%? Garden roofs can also reduce stress and noise pollution.

There are lightweight green rooftops options that add only 12 pounds per square foot. 

rooftop garden

With flat roofs, bird tables and plants could be added; encouraging wildlife. You can create a garden oasis that is an amazing standalone feature or hide it from view. 

Roof Garden


Flat roofs have gained a lot of popularity over the past few years due to their posh looks and minimalistic design. These rooftops can easily be transformed into a terrace.

rooftop terrace

A terrace on top of your home is a wonderful space that serves as a leisure area for parties or dinners.

simple rooftop decor

If you don’t have a flat roof, you can adjust a sloping roof by building an external wall or cutting into the roof.

rooftop party

Whether you choose to use your terrace for entertaining, gardening or a private hideaway to get some sun, a roof terrace can increase the value of your home by at least 10%.

Roof Terrace


You can gain 30% more light inside your home when adding a skylight. It effects the external look of your home as well as the inside. There are lots of different designs, like this walkable skylight, that you can also integrate with your rooftop. It worth researching to see which one suits you and your home.

walkable skylight

Skylights are also very helpful when it comes to adding more natural light to your home and creating more usable spaces like attics.

add a skylight to your roof

Before, skylight installations were based on the slope of your roof, now skylights are available for all types of roofs.


Skylights can come in various types of designs, allowing you to personalize your roof even more.

roof terrace

skylight rooftop decor


To add character, natural light, space and design to your home use a dormer, often called window eyebrows; they are like little houses built outside your windows.

Shed dormer rooftop decor ideas

The doghouse dormer, eyebrow dormer and the shed dormer are just a few dormer designs that can add class to your home. Not only do they look great, but they add that extra space inside your home.


They can add a lot of character to a featureless home, with unique and stylish roof line. 

Dormers in different shapes and sizes

These rooftop ideas might cost a bit more, but they add value to your home, which in the long run means a good investment. By investing a bit more into your roof you will add some authenticity to your home and good use to a big open space.

traditional dormer updated

Chris is a home improvement writer working for Arizona Roofing Systems, Mesa. He promotes sustainable living, green roofing and solar energy use.