• Attic Bedroom – How to Decorate Attic Bedrooms

    Transforming Your Bedroom

    Decorating an attic bedroom is not always easy.  But transforming a dark and cramped attic into a stunning bedroom is not as difficult as you might think.

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    Depending on the size of your attic, your bedroom could sleep either visiting guests or your growing family. Add clever storage, a window seat and a chandelier and you could create a very cozy space.

    Decorating problems for attic bedrooms include creating light and space, using color, texture and storage.

    Light Slanted Ceilings

    A light or white paint color on your slanted ceiling creates a feeling of space and high ceilings. It also reflects more natural light, which is  perfect if windows are small or limited. Dark slanted ceilings create a cave effect.

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    Source – DIY Network

    Add a Window Seat or Seating Nooks

    Attic bedrooms often feel separate and different to the rest of the house. They are often multifunctional – squeezing in a desk, computer, reading area, bookcase and coffee table. Grab a pen and paper to work out your perfect bedroom design.

    Functionality aside, an easy way to add cozy to your attic bedroom is to create a window seat. It’s perfect for reading, working, surfing, meditating and storage.

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    You can simply add an armchair, or remodel and build a window seat. A built-in bench saves precious floor space, gives you more natural task lighting and a place to add storage.

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    Source : Window Seat – Pinterest

    Attic Bedroom Storage

    If your attic room is on the small side, consider built-in bookshelves, drawers or closets. They can be thin, extend to the ceiling and even cover entire walls. Or add drawers to your window bench or bed frame. The more storage, the more your room will feel open and uncluttered. Disguise storage by keeping if flush against the walls and painted the same wall colors.

    To keep that open, airy feeling, your attic room should have as little furniture as possible. Match furniture colors to your walls and floors, particularly if you have white or light colored walls and floors. This will create an attic room with a relaxed, flawless feel.

    Lights Up With a Chandelier

    Chandeliers are great if you have a high vaulted ceiling. They clear the floor of floor lamps and give your room even light.

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    Vaulted ceilings are also perfect for canopy beds.

    Draped fabric adds softness, color and interest, particularly if the room is featureless.

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    Source: Shelterness

    Go Visual – Add Texture

    Its best not to use too many stripes, florals or plaids in a small attic room. But one or two pieces, like a patterned bedspread, armchair or cushions, could add a little fun and the splash of color you need.

    Texture isn’t always about fabric. Sometimes its an exposed chimney or exposed beams, textured paints and finishes or wall papers. Unlike fabric or furniture, these textures are built right into the building.

    See how this simple wallpaper makes this room look and feel more interesting.

    wallpaper for visual interest - shelterness

    Source: Shelterness

    The exposed beams below add texture, definition and instant warmth.

    exposed beams -  shelterness

    Source: Shelterness

    Painting the ceiling beams dark brown or black is a great way to draw the eyes upwards, and you know what that means; your slanted ceiling looks taller.

    painted beams - freshome

    Source: Freshome

    You could use paneling like the photo below from Freshome.

    Paneling placed vertically will heighten the room, making it appear taller.

    When placed horizontally, paneling can elongate or widen a room. This is a great idea if the bedroom is in a narrow attic space.

    exposed beams - freshome

    Source: Freshome

    Is White the Best Paint Color? 

    Keeping walls and ceiling the same light paint color make attic bedrooms look larger. But I like the idea of adding bold, dark or textured walls. Too many light walls can look a little ghostly unless you have a lot of natural light.

    If you decide to paint one bold or dark accent wall, select the tallest vertical wall.

    An accent wall is a great splash of color or pattern without taking over. Watch this video for some attic bedroom design ideas.

    Window Lust

    There’s a lot to be said for great windows, especially in an attic where natural light can be a premium.

    Which attic look will you choose?

    window lust -  shelterness

    Slick window shutters, flush against the wall, will save your attic bedroom space, while drapes will add softness and texture.

    Sheer drapes help keep your attic bedroom light, even if they are closed. Privacy may not be an issue but keeping the heat in might be. This is one way of creating different areas within your bedroom. There are more window treatment ideas here.

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