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Amazing Cantilevered Stair – Floating or Suspended Stair Looks

By: Decorated Life Team |

 wood, concrete and cork

Create an Amazing Look in Your Home with a Cantilevered Stair

For many, internal interior design is very important. It stamps the taste and personality of those who live there but unlike furniture, decorative accessories, or lighting structural changes, like the cantilevered stair, also known as floating or suspended stairs, attract high costs but they such a difference to the look and feel of a space that the investment is worth it, particularly if you are working with a small or limited space!

timber sleepers with concealed frameless glass fixing

A cantilever step is a beam anchored at one end into the wall. Cantilevered staircases are independent steps anchored to a stringer beam or a bearing wall. Making sure the staircase is secure is where some of the cost lies. The stairs remain anchored using the support of bolts or pins; which give the feel and look of floating stairs. Cantilevered stairs might feel like they only belong in modern homes, but they can be found anywhere.

Bowood House, with its cantilevered staircase

They can look quite dramatic and are great for outside and inside your home!

cantilever entry steps

Different Types of Cantilevered Stair

 Stairs & Cantilevered Staircases

Cantilevered staircases have a modern feel. Their design, and because there is less material and more space, allows more natural light into rooms, making them feel bigger. Here are the most popular types of cantilevered stairs.

  • Stone tread cantilever staircase – Created with concrete steps or stone tops and protrudes from a concrete wall.
  • Wooden cantilever staircase –  Created with wooden steps.
  • Folded cantilever staircase – Here steps are connected to each other with the support of risers in the shape of a ribbon. Such treads are known as folded cantilever staircase.

 saving space with these stairs

  • Glass cantilever staircase –  Using transparent glass treads allows even more sunlight into rooms. As a safety measure, they are quite thick to be durable and avoid avoid safety hazards.
  • Stainless steel cantilever staircase – The stairs gives the floating effect in a balustrade form. They are made of high quality stainless steel for excellent support and strength.

 floating or suspended stairs

No matter which type of staircase you choose, keep your safety in mind; using only premium quality materials. Today, cantilevered stairs are available in different types and attractive designs. There is enormous scope to design stairs that fit your home and style.

  • Metal
  • Stone
  • Timber
  • Glass
  • Composite materials
  • Concrete materials

Benefits of using cantilevered stairs:

 interesting floating stairs

Often installing a new staircase can cause quite of disruption and limited access when under construction. The process of installing a Cantilevered Staircase, however, can be done by adding temporary treads in place so access is easier. Best of all they;

  • Appear light,
  • Give a floating effect,
  • Allow sunlight into different areas,
  • Require no railing, or little stainless steel or glass railings and
  • Offer a wide range of finishes, materials and shapes.

A Cantilevered Stair can also be designed as a curve, cone or helical thread shape and in either composite, concrete or wood materials.

Cantilevered staircase