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Country Garden – Small Country Garden Ideas – Simple to Create and Maintain

By: Decorated Life Team |

Apart from time, the one thing we seem to always be short of is space, so creating a special area like a sublime country garden is a wonderful way to make the most of your outdoor space. It doesn’t have to be big, in fact, you can create a small country garden anywhere, even on an apartment balcony. But the question is how do you capture the essence of peace away from the streets loud hustle bustle?

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It needs to take you away from the hectic ways of modern life. Something a little bit more old school to remind you of simpler days. You want to evoke glorious country scenes and pastoral vistas, with you as a witness to the changing seasons. It doesn’t matter how small a space you have, its the essence of a country garden that you are trying to capture. Pots of lavender and rosemary or rustic chairs might be enough to create your country space.

Even a small balcony can be an outdoor retreat.

Here are some tips to get you started on your own country garden escape.

It Begins With A Country Wall

Adding a hardwood wall from reclaimed barn wood, stone fence or anything aged to the backyard is a major building block and foundation for your country garden theme. The concrete wall contrasts beautifully against the fresh latticed climbers below. You may like to paint your wall or schmear it to get a rustic look.

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Weathered structures last for years, sturdy enough to support vines or climbing roses. Add terraces for flowers or shelves with pots.

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Your country wall is your personal fence against the everyday world and the backbone of your small country garden. 

A Place To Put Your Heart

To turn your garden patch into a country vista add pieces that reflect the country, while keeping it minimalist.

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Reclaimed animal troughs, tin cans, crates from antique stores or stone sinks are all symbols you can use. You can find more modern replicas if you prefer a modern twist.  

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Find pieces that speak to you before you add them to your backyard. This space should give you serenity and harmony. 

Hanging Garden Wall Planter

Send A Call To The Wild

Your rustic garden wouldn’t be complete without inviting nature to make it its backyard. Bird baths and bird feeders will encourage birds to settle in your new retreat. Old pallets stuffed with dead wood will attract stag beetles, and centipedes to help your garden thrive. Add tiles that hold moisture to attract frogs and newts. 

Let Your Country Garden Roam

Unlike traditional gardens, flowers and weeds are often welcome in the same space, provided they appear where you want them to. Add gravel or tiles as flooring to stop some weeds from growing under foot. Weed your garden carefully and with some restraint, letting some weeds grow to add a wild, unkept and rustic feel.

Up on the roof

Country gardens are always popular, offering an escape from the monotony of life. A free flowing garden of color and texture that appears rambling and unplanned is beautiful to sit in. Country gardens aren’t something you finish, they are an ongoing and evolving process.

use gravel for your floor

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But this is what makes them easy to live with and so easy to sit in. Imagine your country garden a place where you can enjoy your evening tea or coffee or enjoy a glass of wine each evening. This is meditation for the soul.