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Garage Laundry Room Ideas

By: Joanne Derrick |

You may think about converting your garage into a laundry room for a number of reasons. Perhaps you have a small apartment but you have some garage space which could double up as a laundry room. 

Or you might have a large garage but want to convert your internal laundry room into usable space, perhaps a home office, so it’s time to move the washer.

Whether you are using the entire garage or need to keep the rest of the space for storage or your vehicle, there are plenty of solutions to suit your budget and your home. 

Gray Garage Laundry Area

As simple as it gets, you can choose a wall to neatly house your washer and dryer side by side. Then install a countertop and kitchen wall cabinets. 

These minimal cabinets won’t cost the earth and look clean and sleek. Ideal if you are using your garage as a practical space.

What’s to love about this look is the storage baskets attached to the backsplash. Practical but also interesting aesthetically. The flooring is also an easy to wash linoleum. A tile or vinyl finish like this will be the most practical choice in a garage laundry room.

Cheerful Garage Laundry Solution

In contrast to a more utilitarian design, there is no reason that the laundry area in your garage can’t be just a little fun. Choosing a cheerful color for the wall will take away any thoughts of ‘function first’.

You’ll need storage for your detergents and other equipment so if you don’t fit cabinets, you can use a freestanding shelf unit.

Utilizing natural materials like woven baskets will also keep the look homely and soft, as will the addition of a few frills and accessories. Natural rugs give a little comfort to your feet when you’re sorting your laundry.

Create a Stylish Laundry Room in Your Garage

You can go for a simple countertop and white walls to add a clean look to your laundry room area in your garage. 

Shelves can be used to add pretty natural ornaments, a plant and a gorgeous monochrome picture. The attention to detail can be continued with a black metal modern light fitting and keeping the monochrome theme by painting the door a deep charcoal gray. 

Cabinets needn’t be standard sizes. A tall cabinet can also house your ironing board and detergents. And if you have the space, you can make a boot room space with coat hooks and bench, which is also a handy spot to sit when folding clean clothes.

Beautiful Wooden Laundry Area

Wood is a great choice for a kitchen but the fresh smell of timber and the look of a freshly sanded wood grain can also be found in your garage. 

If you need to use the garage but you have space along one wall then you can keep any units as deep as the size of your washer and dryer. This creates a truly practical space.

Careful planning of shelving and cabinets will maximize storage while giving some flexibility in decor. You can squeeze in a narrow laundry bin and build shelves above and also alongside your appliances. 

Sliding Doors

If you want to hide away your laundry area, you can add sliding doors. This can be simple to install if you buy a kit. Of course it will also not take up too much space.

You might like a simple look for your garage workshop. But if a homely, rustic look is more your thing, then you might want to fit a sliding barn door.

Integrated Features

When making over your garage laundry room you can be clever with storage and finishes. You might consider some novel integrated features for a quirky look and for the best practical ideas. 

Pegboard for Laundry Room Storage

You’ll often find a pegboard on a garage wall where tools are hung up for easy access. You can also use this idea in your laundry area. Painted in any color of your choice, you can get creative with what you hang from your pegboard.

You could hang a drying rack, your iron, even your laundry bags to keep your dirty clothes organized before you put a wash on. With various sizes of storage available, think about what you will need to best make use of your garage laundry room.

Your Appliances on a Pedestal

If you have back or mobility issues then a laundry room pedestal for your washer and dryer is essential if you have front loaders. It saves you bending quite so far down and makes laundry less of a chore.

You can follow this guide for tips on how to build your own washer and dryer platform. You can also build storage into this.

If you’re not able to make your own, you can buy one for up to around $250. Or you could even improvise if you have a box in the right dimensions. Just make sure it is robust enough to take the average 170 pounds that a washer weighs.

Everything and the Kitchen Sink

A sink is a practical addition in your laundry area. You can also add some design through your backsplash – be that tile, vinyl or a painted wood. 

If you have open shelves you can buy stylish detergent bottles or decant your laundry liquids into decorative bottles. The products you need will be to hand but will look great also. 

Stacking the dryer on the washer will save space if the area you have is a narrower cubby as your garage laundry area.

Blackboard Doors

For an unusual laundry room idea, you can keep your appliances out of sight by building a pair of doors. 

And for a fun twist, you could paint them in blackboard paint. Your kids can be kept busy drawing while you are sorting your laundry.

In Conclusion

A garage laundry room can be interesting and look fantastic as well as serving an important practical purpose. You can be imaginative with the layout and design of the storage you need, as well as the finishing touches you choose.

If you need to use the garage as a workshop then you might want to hide your laundry area. Sliding doors work well as they don’t take up much space and can be fitted with a kit. 

When adapting your garage, it’s a case of weighing up your practical needs for the space against your need for another beautifully decorated part of your home. You might be surprised at how the two can work together.