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How High Should a Chandelier be Above a Table?

By: Katie Barton |

Chandeliers are one of the best light choices for dining rooms. 

When centered perfectly over a table, they make a design look grounded. And since you can find them in any style, they’re a perfect choice for making a statement.

But if you’ve never hung a chandelier before, there’s one important question you’re probably asking – how high should a chandelier be above a table?

Here’s what you need to know.

How High Should a Chandelier Be Above a Table?

1. How High Should a Chandelier Be Above a Table scaled

If you have 8-foot ceilings, the bottom of your dining table chandelier should be 30-36 inches above the top of the table.

If you have tall ceilings, adjust this number by adding three inches for every foot of ceiling height over 8 feet.

So, if you have high ceilings, the proper chandelier height will be:

  • 9-foot ceilings – 33-39 inches over the table
  • 10-foot ceilings – 36-42 inches over the table
  • 11-foot ceilings – 39-45 inches over the table
  • 12-foot ceilings – 43-48 inches over the table

Remember, these measurements are from the bottom of your light fixture to the top of the table’s surface.

How to Choose the Perfect Chandelier Height?

There’s a range of chandelier hanging lengths based on your ceiling height – this gives you a little wiggle room.

To choose the perfect height, start by hanging your chandelier on the lowest end of the spectrum. If it feels too low and you don’t like it, adjust until you reach your preferred height, staying in the suggested range.

What’s the Best Size Chandelier for a Dining Room?

2. What_s the Best Size Chandelier for a Dining Table

Now that you know how high you should hang your chandelier, let’s cover how big your chandelier should be.

While this mainly comes down to personal preference, you can follow an easy size guideline if you’re having trouble making a decision.

For chandelier size, find something half to ⅔ as wide as your table. For example, for a standard 36-inch wide dining table, you’d want a chandelier that’s 18 to 24 inches in diameter.

If you choose a chandelier that’s much larger than ⅔ the width of your table, someone may hit their head on the light when getting up. If you choose something smaller than ½ the width of your table, it won’t look proportionate.

You can use this chandelier calculator to determine appropriate dimensions.

Final Thoughts

If you have 8-foot ceilings, hang your chandelier so that the bottom of the fixture hits 30-36 inches over the top of the table. Then, add 3 inches of height for every extra foot of ceiling you have over the standard eight feet.

And if you need help choosing a chandelier, look for something about ⅔ as wide as your table. Doing so will create balance and help you avoid the chandelier becoming a safety hazard.