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Interior Lighting – The Key to Home Desirability & Livability

By: Decorated Life Team |

Interior lighting can improve your home so it feels open, fresh and inviting but it can also improve the livability of your home, making you enjoy and function in the space in an easier, happier way.

When it comes to choosing interior lighting, the key to look at all the options available to fill each room with generous natural light as well as house lighting so it works well for you day and night. Task lighting, recessed lighting, and natural light, are all necessary for you to get the most out of your rooms.

kitchen with functional lighting

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Begin by looking at your space to tackle any drawbacks or deficiencies in your existing lighting. Is your problem the size or number of lack windows? Do you get morning or afternoon sun? 

Next, how do you use your space, how often and your lighting really enough? Break your room down into zones. Which zones need the most light? You don’t always need a lot of light through out the room but when you add more light to corners, rooms look and feel bigger. Recessed lighting, task lighting and low lights can be enough to make rooms lighter, brighter and easier to use.

layered lighting

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Lastly, consider the types of lighting that could work in different rooms like bedrooms or living rooms. Here are some ways you can use lighting to make your home a more livable space for you and your family.

Create a Softer Mood

soft lighting

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A great way to improve the livability of your home is to change the way it feels. If your rooms have too much light, rooms can feel stark and uncomfortable. Your room could have too many recessed lights. One way to control the amount of light is by using dimmers. It will also reduce your lighting costs. You can now buy smart universal dimmers, that work with any type of bulb, making the process easier. 

Low lighting can give rooms a softer more relaxed feel. At night, change lighting to softer bulbs or even fewer lights. 

During the day add sheer curtains or blinds to windows to control the amount of natural light coming into your rooms. It also helps with privacy and security.

sheer curtains

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Reduce Falls & Accidents

Do you have one or more areas of your home that are accident prone because they are not well lit? Typically this area will have few windows, little or incorrect lighting. Having only one light source, the wrong wattage, not enough or too many recessed lights and ignoring places like your closet can create areas that are a hazard, especially at night when they are even darker. 

dark stairs

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Navigating your way up and down stairs with low lighting can be difficult and even cause a fall. Changing the color of the risers can create enough contrast to make each step more visible. Likewise, dark hallways or entries with runners or rugs can be dangerous. Its easy to trip on a rug because it is too dark to see where they start or finish. Without quality lighting these areas can be awkward. Use pendant lights in entries, hallways and on stairs to make these safer and easier to use.

pendant lights

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Feel Cozy and Warm

Even in the height of summer, rooms should feel cozy and warm. If the glaring sun is too much use blinds, drapes or shutters with added UV protection to reduce the glare and heat coming in through your windows.

blinds with UV protection

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Sunlight is an excellent source of heat which is perfect in winter. To keep sunlight streaming in use lightweight curtains that do not cut out a lot of light. Mid-level lighting such as fireplace wall sconces, highlight the fireplace and provide much needed lighting.

wall sconces

Reduce Accidents

Task lighting is very important to get tasks done faster and with fewer accidents. Avoiding disaster like slicing your finger in the kitchen, taking the wrong medication or accidentally step on a pet can all be avoided with better lighting.

task lighting

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The Importance of Illumination 

Light allows us to see what you are doing, and gives a sense of security. A basic instinct is to be drawn toward the light and away from shadows. Whether its artificial or natural, light gives us a strong sense of security and warmth.

improve livability with natural light

Follow this advice and you will not only improve the lighting and mood of each room but also the livability of your home.