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Low Ceilings, Big Impact: Creative Ideas for Small Attic Rooms

By: Joanne Derrick |

If you have some attic space but it has a low ceiling and is not very large, you might wonder how useful it is and whether it is worth going to the bother of decorating and making alterations.

Though you may have considered turning it into a bedroom, there are some other functions your attic room could have that might better suit your lifestyle.

By configuring the space and taking advantage of the nooks and crannies in creative yet practical ways, your attic could offer a range of possibilities.

Stylish Top Floor Bedroom

 Stylish Top Floor Bedroom scaled

An attic room works well for a bedroom with the natural spot for the bed being the center of the room. You can make use of the eaves for storage. A small barn door is a great way of concealing a low closet.

Adding a loft window will give you added light and warmth. For a cozy retreat away from the rest of the family, you’ll be sure to have a good night’s rest. But you might struggle to tear yourself away!

Kids Attic Bedroom

If you have excellent DIY or carpentry skills, or you can get someone in to do the work for you, then you can make use of the sloping ceiling to create a cubby hole bed. 

Children will love a den to hide away in. And bedtime is going to be easy as they’ll race up to bed! It’s also a good place for them to hang out or play. You could also hang curtains over the entrance for dramatic effect.

Home Studio

 Home Studio scaled

Whether your work is done on a laptop or you have a more practical career, your attic can be the ideal workspace.

Since the pandemic many people are choosing to work from home. So if you want a dedicated space for your home office then your attic can be converted to suit you.

If you have a loft window or can get one fitted this is perfect as good light for those who need to make things. It is also good to have natural light for good mental health. And with a view, that would be even better.

Beautiful Attic Bathroom

 Beautiful Attic Bathroom scaled

A farmhouse style bathroom looks gorgeous and can be the obvious design for an attic room. The angles however can be the ideal layout for a more modern, architecturally designed bathroom.

You could section off half the room for a cool looking shower, making sure it’s fitted at the tallest point so you don’t need to bed down to wash. A modern bath is wonderful under a sloping ceiling and a fitted vanity will look every inch like it’s been made bespoke.

Though we usually hear that small spaces should be white and bright, you can experiment with a bold wallpaper print or dark colors to add drama to the interesting shape and layout of the room.

Dressing Room

If your bedroom is overflowing with clothes and shoes then the attic can be the perfect place to create a dressing room. You may only have dreamed of a walk-in closet but you could use a small attic space for this purpose and have an entire room.

You could combine the space with a guest bed for occasional use, or even to escape into some quiet at the top of the house. You could choose to build fitted closets or to display your best clothes and shoes in shelving fitted under the slope of the ceiling.

Sanctuary for All

For a multi-functioning attic room, you can be creative to find a use for the entire family. Even in a small space, you can add a daybed or comfy seating for reading and for your guests to stay.

Adding a table or two could mean that children could use the room as space for a picnic when their friends come over. Or you could use your attic to play games on a wet day.

Floor cushions are good for your pooch to curl up when they want to keep you compan. Or for you to lie back on and watch the stars when it’s dark. 

Playroom for Kids and Teens

Beanbags just scream teenagers. When they want to have some gaming time or watch a movie on TV, the attic room will give them some space and you some quiet!

Picking bright colors and cool patterns will make any kid want to spend time in their own dedicated zone. For younger children, you could fit built-in toy boxes and add a table for them to set up their jigsaws and games.

Room with a View

You might want to go topsy turvy and have your living room on the top floor. If you have a view to die for at the top of your house and enough space for a couple of sofas, then this could be worth considering. 

A woodburning stove would be the epitome of farmhouse or Scandinavian style and will keep you toasty warm, as well as adding character. 

You could install a futon rather than a sofa and use the room as a guest bedroom when visitors stay. They will surely appreciate the wonderful view and the unique use of your attic.

Reading Nook

Every bibliophile will crave a cozy reading nook with shelves for their favorite tomes. If you have a low window, then a window seat will be a great spot to sit and read.

You can add shelving to the wall and fit it to the space, even on the sloping walls. All you need is a bookcase and a seat or chair to create your own attic reading nook.

Attic Gym

For those who like to work out, a home gym can quite quickly save you money from gym fees. Many wouldn’t think twice about paying $50 a month fees, which is $600 a year. So if you know you’re going to use the gym regularly, it’s a good investment.

You’ll need to make sure your floor can take weight and is properly assessed by a builder or surveyor. You could hang a punch bag from the beams and a bike or rowing machine needn’t take up too much ceiling space. 

You could even fit your own sauna or steam room, just ensure you have plenty of ventilation. For a luxurious country club in your own home, an attic gym could be just right for those who like to keep fit.

Attic Zen Den

For many people, having some time and space for mindfulness and meditation is important. The top of the house where it might be a little more peaceful could be a good place to relax and forget the troubles of the day.

Perhaps add some cushions and plants for a natural spa feel. An egg chair suspended from the ceiling could be a great meditation spot. 

Getting Crafty

The attic can be an ideal spot for a workshop for those who like to get crafty. Whether you sew, enjoy woodcraft or like to dabble in painting, your attic room could be converted to contain all your materials.

An antique style chest in rich oak and mahogany would work well in this space if you like a traditional look. You can add to this by decorating with a period design wallpaper.

The sloping ceiling can be used ingeniously for storage of spools of ribbon or small tools. If you don’t have a window then make sure you have good lighting and a decent spot lamp for close work.

In Summary

The attic room is a versatile space. Painted white with a loft window added, it can be a clean cool space, making use of the unusual angles for an architectural, designer look.

It can easily be made into a cozy bedroom or space to hang out with built-in shelves or storage, and some beanbags or floor cushions.

For more practical uses your attic can be converted into a home office with loads of light and storage space, or somewhere to craft or keep fit. 

And for those attics with a splendid view, then think about moving your sofas upstairs and enjoy the vista in a cozy new living room.