Simple Home Decorating Ideas that Still Work

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Simple home decorating ideas make all the difference to capturing your own style with all the things you love in one space. It's yours to enjoy, appreciate and share. Your stamp on each room should have a few things unique to you, to make it stand out and personal. 

Dining room, Australian Country Style

Here are a few every day home decoration pieces that add charm, but are also highly functional.

Lights & Lamps

Lighting makes an enormous difference to the feel and look to your rooms. The trick is to layer your lighting with different types of light, filling the space without looking like solid mass. 

Candle Sticks

candle holders

Candle light adds a certain glow to a room. Keep this in mind and use them for your next dinner or family get together. You don't need very many candles to set the mood. But they do give a sense of style to any home decorating. Its not all crystal and brass, there are candle stick ideas for any style of decor.

make your own candle holder

One great thing about candle holders is that almost anything around the house can be used. From vases, cake tins or even old lamps. Anything that can hold candles, tea lights or tapers is an instant candle holder. 


chrome pendant lights

A simple light fixture is all you have to change the style of your room. Take away chrome, brass or copper lights and add in bamboo, rattan and plants and you have the makings of coastal living decor. 

Rattan pendant lights

Or choose classic pendant lamps and bring them together as a more modern glimpse of your home. Even if you feel like your whole home needs redecorating, changing your light fittings could be all you need.

Farmhouse Decor

Wall Decoration

Updating your wall decor is an instant face lift for most rooms. You can create your own ornamental wall decor or buy pieces that add to your unique style and look. From super large clocks to photo galleries, wall decor has taken new turn. Its simple, personal and unique. 

DIY Laurel Wreath

Photo Casings

Got all your photos on your phone or in an album? Its time to take those heartwarming memories and put each one into a photo frame, grouping them with other things you love. You can have them all the same size, mix them with larger pieces or just line them up. They don't all have to be about family either. Great quotes, interesting pieces or large initials add texture, height and a lot more conversation to your photos.

home decorating ideas

Wall Hangings

Rustic wood boxes, vertical wall gardens and wreaths are all wonderful ways to create wall hangings. The best ones make you smile, when ever you walk past.

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Adding texture, color and an element of surprise is the best way to approach your next well decor project. You can go big and bold or cute and small. They are about you and enjoying your home.

framed flowers

Task Center Drop Zone

Wall decor is not all big mirrors or over sized clocks. Use these home decorating ideas to create functional features that look great and make life easier. 

Rustic farmhouse entry | @mcnellyfarmhouselove on Instagram

Today's wall decor is about making every space as attractive as possible, that means storage and organizing spaces too. 

design a rustic farmhouse style command center

Decor Seats

Adding extra seating and storage space can look glamorous, if you have the right mix of texture, lighting and color.

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Stools are latest seating that has become a decoration tool as well as a functional piece of furniture, particularly in the kitchen.


Ottomans & Pouffes

Including ottomans and pouffes in your house definitely adds a classic touch to your interior. If you feel crafty you can make one but they are easy to buy and often come with the bonus of storage.

Adding one or more of these home decorating ideas to your home will create an amazingly unique decorating look that everyone will love, and each piece has a story to tell.