New Home Style in 2017 Interior Design Trends

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Home Style in 2017: Embracing the Old, Organic + Original among the Top Interior Design Trends

Keeping up with the latest interior design trends is fun, challenging and inspiring. We all want our homes to look great and keeping up changing interior design trends isn't always easy. 2017 is no different but this time a top interior trend using old, organic and original products and materials to give a really unique finish is a trend we can use now. This eclectic look means embracing everything you love into a look that is unique and personalized. 

interior design trends for old new and rustic decor

Even if you add modern appliances products or materials, you will have a home decor that is warm and comfortable as well as modern and sleek.

This year interior design trends blend old and new with traditional and modern. Blending advanced technology and modern designs, like laminate flooring or faux mill work with more traditional decor such as embroidery, artwork, ceramics is a combination that lets you enjoy the best of everything you love when it comes to interior design.

laminated flooring with traditional rug and wood desk

Interior Design Trends 2017

There are different ways to use and embrace these interior design trends in your own home. Everything from the ornaments and artwork to the flooring and drapery can benefit from this trend including: rustic room

Traditional furniture modern kitchen appliances eco - friendly fabric

 There is no doubt that 2017 is a year that will see people embrace a combination of traditional and modern when it comes to the decor in their homes. Blend these with your personal taste and your existing decor for a truly unique look.