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Wall Stencils – Cool Flower Stencil Design for Furniture

By: Decorated Life Team |

Wall stencils are a such an inspiration when it comes to home decorating – you need time, some paint, brushes and great stencil designs. I’ve seen stencils make rooms that even Walt Disney would drool over and guests who would not leave because the dining room felt like an expensive 5 star restaurant. Yes, wall stencils have that power. But why stick to stenciling walls, why not furniture.

treedresser - Source:

A home decorating article in BHG shows this stenciled bed head below using a flower stencil. You can find the article, photos and tips here, all using wall stencils to create wall decor masterpieces as art.

Source - bhg - stencilled bedhead

Wall stencils

These can easily change the look of your furniture; updating and making it unique – like this chest of drawers with a flower stencil over a rustic paint look. Choosing stencil designs is quite personal and of course, depends on the style and quality of your furniture. You can choose stencil designs that are structured or fluid, repeating the design over the entire piece or only in specific areas or panels.

Source -

Flower Stencil

Flower stencil designs used above are different to the flower stencils used here, which are traditional and have a country, European and rustic home decorating effect  This cupboard uses different colors layered onto the stencil design – and is not always easy to pull off.

Source - - stencilled cabinet

But the effect can be spectacular. The chest below looks quite amazing.. a different flower stencil is used leaving the wood pattern unpainted while the rest of the chest is painted a deep brown. Sanded edges give the piece a beautiful aged feel.

Source- - great stencilled chest

A simple flower stencil can look vintage, modern, rustic or aged depending on which stencil designs are used.  Hope it inspires you to look at your furniture home decorating differently. Sign up for our Newsletter or follow Decorated Life on Facebook. Love to hear from you.