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What Color Goes With Terracotta Tiles

By: Advaita Raut |

You’ve done it. You’ve taken the leap and laid down those lovely terracotta tiles. How do you get the rest of the decor to complement its warm, earthy tones? These classic tiles undoubtedly lend a rustic feel to your home, but the color you choose for the rest of the decor might make or break the ambiance you intend to create. 

While terracotta’s toasty hues may make color matching challenging, it certainly isn’t impossible! With a bit of research and an understanding of color theory principles, you can find the perfect color theme to complement your terracotta tiles. We have a few pointers to help you get started.

For a Rustic Decor

While the warm color tones of terracotta naturally lend a rustic vibe, some colors can enhance this theme even more. Choose warm colors from the neighboring color wheel, such as red, orange, or yellow, for a more rustic-themed decor.


Avoid using sharp red hues such as scarlet or vermillion for terracotta as they will steal the focus from the tiles, creating a gaudy look. Instead, choose more muted reds like coral or deeper reds like reddish brown. Make sure there is sufficient lighting in the room to create a soft glow that adds to the ambiance.

Yellow & Orange

A combination of these colors looks fantastic with terracotta tiles. Using bright yellow as a stand-alone color may make your decor appear overbearing and garish. But when combined with a hint of orange, it brings your decor to life. Deeper yellow and orange tones, such as mustard, marigold, and sandstone, also work well with terracotta tiles.

Make sure to use this color mindfully rather than liberally in a room. Tangerine, for example, should be used as an accent color for accessories such as vases, art frames, or throw pillows rather than as the primary decor color.


Beige may appear to be a predictable color choice on its own—a home decor cliché if you will. However, because of its relaxed tones, beige is an excellent choice for pairing with terracotta. It allows for versatility without detracting from the focus on the tiles. Go all out and use this as the primary color for your decor, from beige upholstery and cabinetry to beige rugs and pillows.


Apricot pink, salmon, and soft blushing hues like seashell and rose quartz are known to gracefully embrace terracotta’s classic glow. These soft colors are ideal for creating a homespun, farmhouse-style ambiance.

As with sharp reds, steer clear of tart pink hues such as magenta or bubble-gum pink because they may appear jarring.

For a Modern Decor

Colors from the opposite end of the color wheel are recommended for a modern or contemporary look. This creates striking contrasts that elevate the style quotient of your h Hi ome.

Shades of White

Shades of white such as soft cream, off-white, and milky white help to create the necessary backdrop for your terracotta tiles to shine through. These colors also create more visible space for furniture and accessories. 

However, avoid using stark white as much as possible, as it may give the decor an austere and clinical look, effectively diminishing the boldness of the terracotta.

Shades of Green & Blue

Incorporating breezy green and blue hues in home decor have been a huge style statement in recent years. These cool shades on the opposite end of the color wheel go a long way in making your home appear more luxurious.

For a mellow yet stylish look, use understated palettes such as sea foam, light turquoise, sage, olive, or cerulean blue. A plush powder blue sofa, for example, or a stylish cabinet in French blue paired with the earthy reds of the tiles will make your home appear more modern.

Don’t be afraid to use deeper and richer colors like royal blue, cobalt blue, or even teal. While these make for unusual color combinations, they’re just daring enough to work.

Finally, the use of green color does not have to be limited to furniture. A large green indoor plant in an earthen pot will work wonders for your terracotta tiles!

Final Thoughts

Fiery colors such as red, yellow, orange, and their associated hues complement terracotta’s bold tones well. When paired with the right lighting, the result is a warm, cozy ambiance that gives your home a comfortable, lived-in feel. Use these colors to create a traditional, rustic atmosphere in your home.

Cooler colors, such as blues and greens make your home appear richer and effortlessly modern.

Ultimately, the right color will be determined by your aesthetic preferences. While the color schemes listed above are suggested matches for terracotta, don’t be afraid to trust your instincts and mix and match color palettes to arrive at the right decision that aligns with your home decor goals!