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What Color Grout to Use With a Beige Tile

By: Nishtha Sadana |

When renovating a bathroom, the entire focus is often on the tiling, but grout isn’t something people usually think about. It doesn’t make it less important, though!

Now, if you’re retiling with beige or changing your grout, you might be unsure what’s the best grout color for beige tiles. Don’t worry, we’re here to help you out.

Lighter or Darker Than the Tile Color?

 Is it Better to Pick Grout Thats Lighter or Darker Than the Tile Color scaled

There are no hard rules when it comes to grout color. So if you want darker or lighter grout really depends on your preferences. But if you want to create a contrasting look, it’s important to pick grout that’s significantly lighter or darker than the color of your tiles.

You can also match the grout to your tiles, if you’d like a more unified look. But it can be quite a hassle to find the exact color, so be prepared for that.  

Gray and Beige Are a Lovely Match

 Gray and Beige Are a Lovely Match

It’s a common misconception that gray and beige don’t work well together. But that’s not the case. There are tons of gray tones that will work beautifully with your beige tiles. It’s just important to pick out warm tones, so they don’t clash.

It’s also a good rule to create some contrast. So if you have darker beige tones, pick out light gray grout, and vice versa. These two will make a chic, but neutral combo that can be easily paired with many different colors.

Pick Beige Grout for a Unified Look

 Pick Beige Grout for a Unified Look

If you want to create a classic monochrome look, or just want unified tiling, beige grout will do well. The results are stylish, as this grout will make your flooring or walls look sophisticated.

Beige grout will work wonders if you have several shades of beige in your tiling because then you can create a lovely effect, ensuring some of them stand out, just like here in the photo. All in all, a fantastic choice.

Black Grout Stands Out

 Black Grout Stands Out scaled

When you want to create a chic modern look, black’s the color for you. When you look at color psychology, it’s the color that brings mystery, elegance, and sophistication. Black will elevate your beige tiles and create a glorious polished look.

And the best thing about black grout? It hides dirt so well. So if you’re tired of yellowing grout that makes the room look dirty no matter what, black is a great substitute. 

Go Bold With Orange Grout

 Go Bold With Orange Grout

One thing to note – you don’t need to go for safe grout choices. Bold tiles are becoming quite the trend lately. And you can achieve it too without changing your entire bathroom, and just picking out different grout.

Orange grout is bold and bright, it creates a striking artistic look. And not to mention it pairs so well with soft beige tiles!

White Is the Classic Choice

 White Is the Classic Choice

White is everyone’s go-to choice when it comes to grout. It’s neutral and it looks great with most, if not all, colors. Paired with white tiles, it accentuates them, creating a subdued but still glamorous look. 

White grout needs to be cleaned more often because it easily changes color. But when it’s kept clean it looks bright and gorgeous, adding a beautiful crisp vibe to the room.

Terrazzo Grout Is an Unconventional yet Stunning Choice

 Terrazzo Grout Is an Unconventional yet Stunning Choice scaled

Terrazo is an interesting blend of marble chips and granite that’s set in concrete. It’s not your usual pick for grout, but it can look splendid, especially on tiles that are set outside.

It’s a stunning pick that highlights all the best parts of beige tiles, creating an overall intricate look. It’s best paired with uneven beige tile, just like in the photo here.


Grout color has a big impact on how your tiles appear, even if it’s not the first thing people think of when decorating a bathroom. 

You can create lovely contrasting looks with black and white grout, go monochrome with beige grout, or perhaps choose something completely unconventional! It’s up to you to decide out what works the best with your beige tiles.