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    Slipcovers used to be something shabby the cat and dog would lie on – because no one else would. They have come a long, long way, baby. Belgian Pearls has a gorgeous blog post called Be Seated about slipcovers for sofas and chair slipcovers, not loose or ill-fitting but the most beautiful tailored, Belgian linen slipcovers.

    These high-end slipcovers for sofas, seats and chair covers, have become very fashionable with international designers. They take into account design elements such as color, shape, texture, space and form so slip covers blend seamlessly with the interior design of the room. These slipcovers are beautiful; haute couture for your furniture! Something Audrey Hepburn would be proud to wear.

    Don’t forget to visit Belgian Pearls to see more chair covers.

    Source: belgianpearls.blogspot.com.au via Christine on Pinterest

    This is just a taste of some of the slipcovers for sofas, chair covers, dining chair slipcovers and other design elements Greet Lefevre sites and all from Belgian interior design companies.

    Now moving from fine, exclusive slipcovers to something a little less expensive but equally attractive from Addicted2Decorating in the article Gorgeous Light and Bright Slipcovers For a Sunroom. Design elements aside, the choice of fabric, detail and tailoring all contribute to the look and feel your slipcovers can create.

    As you can see the fabric and design elements on these chair covers are superior to the average slipcover you can buy and found at Custom Slipcovers by Shelley. The chair slipcovers are practical and easy to care unlike fine linen chair covers. There is even an ebook called Pillow Talk Ebook to show you how to create your own slipcovers if you have time and patience.

    Please leave a comment on your slipcovers for sofas adventures – ‘before and after’ of chair slipcovers are always nice..and join our newsletter!!

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