• Cool Armchairs – Mixing Colors and Mixing It Up!


    Nothing beats a stylish armchair. Hours can drift past in the perfect chair, so the best quality and comfortable arm chair should at the top of  your priorities. Accent chairs are an opportunity for mixing colors, creating points of interest and adding depth to your color scheme.

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    Forget Budget – Think Color Scheme

    Armchairs can be expensive. But I want you to suspend your budget for a minute. Imagine you can have any arm chair your want! Now concentrate on what you really like.

    The point of decorating is to create a backdrop for the best life you want – dinner parties more fun, relaxing is super easy, talks more meaningful – transcend the mundane. Yes, the right color scheme and decor can do that.. so, back to the armchair.

    Which Armchair Style Do You Like?

    Wikipedia lists roughly 100 different types of chairs – you can see the full list here.

    Whether your prefer an antique, vintage armchair or painted wooden armchair, ask;

    1. Do you like to fall back into a squashy soft chair?
    2. Would you prefer to sit more upright with good back support?
    3. Do you need or want different accent chairs?
    It’s good to mix furniture types, shapes and sizes. It adds interest to your room and how you use your furniture. Mixing colors helps layer your color scheme.
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    Arm Chair Guidelines

    1. Unless you have a spacious room, don’t buy extra large pieces.
    2. Consider maintenance. A wooden armchair needs dusting and oiling – little more.
    3. Where will your new chair sit? This helps with size, style and color scheme choices.
    4. When shopping take photos of the room to match your style and color scheme.
    5. Formal Style – less padding; often a simple, elegant wooden armchair.
    6. Informal Style – overstuffed armchair, with big upholstered arms and thick cushions.
    7. Accent armchair fabric depends on the room style and color scheme. Choose floral, stripe, plaid, vintage to layer your room’s theme.
    8. Consider mixing colors to add space and light to your room.
    9. Arm chair fabric weight should consider wear-and-tear, room balance and weather.
    In the end, there are no rules. Which would you prefer or enjoy? Stylish armchairs that command attention or armchairs you can sink into?

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    Where to Buy Armchairs

    This is where you can go wild. You can find armchairs in local vintage or antique stores, garage sales or online. Buying accent chairs locally means you can save on shipping and delivery time. A vintage armchair, antique arm chair or retro armchairs at a garage sale limits your selection and color choices.

    If you know exactly what you want but can’t find it, order accent chairs from a designer. You can DIY your accent chairs by repurposing old chairs or yard sale purchases. Mixing colors and accent chair styles is a great way to create your own unique Rockstar look.

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  1. Mason says:

    Awesome article- I love the support for following what your heart desires. Yes, armchairs may be expensive! But when you find one that you love… we’ll. game on! 🙂 It’s so much more fulfilling to sit down in a chair you really love, versus one you “just picked up”.

    As mentioned in my comment on your other article (https://decoratedlife.com/accent-arm-chair-cool-home-decor-using-accent-chairs), a great arm chair will become your most favorite piece in your home. <3

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