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3 Home Improvement Tips You Should Know Before Your First Renovation

By: Decorated Life Team |

Change is good, for the most part. A change in your surroundings can have a powerful effect on your happiness quotient and your state of mind.

steel lintel

Fresh rooms, paint, layout and design is like a dream come true. Its a great way of upgrading your home and energizing you with new, fresh surroundings.

home improvement to kitchen cabinetsBut the process can be a little overwhelming, especially if you are attempting a complete home improvement overhaul. The upheaval and stress can test your limits.

If you are renovating for the first time, the idea of major renovations to your own home can be daunting. They take time and effort and a lot of planning and scheduling, to avoid living at an endless project site.

Long Jetty Renovation Pool & Backyard Reveal

You don’t have to renovate your entire property all at once. Even if decide you want to, approach the project by breaking up your home improvements into a series of smaller tasks. This makes it easier to manage and is less stressful on you and your family.

These home improvement tips should keep you on target, sane and on budget.

Know Your End Game

Before you make any expensive home improvements to your property, think about your end game. What do you want to achieve? Do you want a fresh new look or would you benefit from a layout and design that makes your home more functional? 

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Is it a cosmetic makeover to upgrade the appearance, or do you need more space or larger rooms? Is your goal to be more comfortable or to increase the market value of your property, or both?

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Once you know your end game, you can focus on the most important areas to put your energy, time and dollars into, from the outset. This will make planning and dealing with contractors, designers or tradesmen much easier.

Hire a Home Improvement Assistant

If you are planning to carry out some of the DIY tasks yourself, understand that it will take time before you are skilled enough to do them alone.

One solution is to hire someone you can work along side, who can assist you, who has experience and can teach you. Make sure they have the right skills and are happy to have you as their apprentice.

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If this is difficult, try watching DIY videos online. For some, these videos are all that is needed, but for others the idea that you can work along someone helps you complete the work faster and with confidence. 


Take Your Time

Every step takes time, especially when you are renovating for the first time. Be prepared to research, plan, and find suitable materials and techniques before you pick up a hammer.

Never underestimate using quality materials. From tiles to plumbing, quality materials are easier to work with, have a greater life span, are stronger and more durable. Bathrooms and kitchens are the two main areas most people focus on, but don’t forget major areas like your stairs. Quality steel stair stringers are a worthwhile investment and make a big difference to the look of your new home.

new stairs

The trend to more open living spaces means using steel brackets, lintels, and beams to support areas where walls would have been or where they have been removed. You may not see them, but you will be happy you did.

open plan space lintel

Renovating is a learning process, as well as a creative one. Once you know the basics, you can relax and have fun. The more you rush, the more likely you will make mistakes, so take your time and build your home improvement confidence muscles.