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12 Dreamy Bathroom Tile Trends in 2017

By: Decorated Life Team |


Bathroom tiles are practical, durable and can help you to create great design features. An interesting tile can completely change the look of your bathroom. But changing your bathroom tiles is an expensive exercise, so you want to get it right.

Here are some of the latest bathroom tile trends. Would any of this year’s trends suit your bathroom? 

Fish Scale Tiles

1. Patterned Trend

The patterned tile is back. Patterned tiles, in one or more colors, are more popular than ever. The black tile below creates a classic and very elegant floor in this all white bathroom.  

Patterned Tiles

Love the mosaic, handmade tile looks, but not the price tag? Try this DIY version below using chalk paint and a stencil over existing tiles. You can mix your stencil styles to get a richer, rustic Moroccan look.


2. Honeycomb or Hexagon 

hexagon tile set

This year the honeycomb or hexagon tile shape is being used all over the bathroom; walls, floors and showers.

Adding different colored tiles to designs can create big bold patterns on floors and feature walls.

3. Color and Pattern Trend

colored tile trends
Color is big this year. Take the color trend further and you’ll understand why the colored patterned tile is popular. From simple to elaborate designs, the effect can be very dramatic.
colored tiles

4. Coffee Colored Tiles

earthy colored tiles

If you are a fan of earthy tones, you’ll be happy that anything from cocoa chocolate brown to deep espresso brown are in vogue. Whether its patterned, colored, made of natural stone or marble, earthy coffee tones are big this year.

5. Matte Finishes

Neutral matte finishes are also popular. The soft, elegant, under-whelming style wins you over with simplicity. Matte finishes are practical. They don’t show water marks or smudges easily, are non-slip and low maintenance for households with busy bathrooms. 

6. Nude Neutrals

Neutral colors relax the mind. This year they are being used everywhere in bathrooms. You can layer different shades of the same color for interesting design features. The most popular neutral colors this year, include cream, grey or beige. 

neutral colored tiles

7. Slate Tiles

slate geometric tile floors

Slate tiles are expensive and generally used in high-end bathrooms. Part of its unique style is that it varies in color. Smaller pieces can be used to create geometric patterns. It is slip resistant, highly durable and long lasting. And while it is more expensive, unfortunately it scratches and needs resealing.

 black slate bathroom tiles

8. Subway Tiles

A variation on the subway tile trend is here. Color, different sizes, and contrasting grout colors are being used instead of the all white subway tiles previously used. The new tiles are longer and narrower and used in herringbone and other geometric patterns.

thinner blue subway bathroom tile trends

The video below has shows a variety of colored subway tiles, a mix of geometric tiles and different wood and black tiles.

9. Terracotta Tiles

Warm terracotta colors are back for a rustic, natural look. They add warmth to neutral colored bathrooms and are being used on floors and walls. 

terracotta tiles

10. Black Bathroom Tile Trends

black and white bathroom

Black tiles remain popular. They are versatile and go well with glass, brass, gold or chrome accessories, and lots of different design styles.

bathroom tile trends - Vintage Industrial Style

11. Marble Flooring & Walls

marble walls and soft pastels

Marble looks stunning in any bathroom. Each marble piece has unique subtle coloring, style and veining. Softer color tones are trending this year, in matte and glossy finishes and large scale patterns.

Herringbone Marble Tile

12. Fish Scale Tiles

Aqua fish scale tiles

Hope you enjoyed these bathroom tile trends; let me know which ones you love the most.