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4 Feng Shui Shortcuts to Make Your House a Lucky House

By: Decorated Life Team |

4 Feng Shui Decorating Tips to Design Luck into your Home

Everyone wants to live in a lucky house. We all want luck on our side. That edge, that feeling that things will always go right, and the confidence that they will. The kind of luck that brings good fortune, health, happiness and abundance. What if you could plan for good luck? What if you could design it into your home using a little Feng Shui?

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Would you if you could, create a lucky house? It might sound a little crazy, but homes with good flow, good design and good vibes, tend to be lucky houses too, and usually have Feng shui built right into them, whether the owners know it or not.

Feng Shui living Room

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Feng Shui, pronounced as fungshway, is a Chinese ancient art practiced for more than 3000 years that looks at the energy flow in rooms, houses, office blocks, gardens or any other spaces.

Here are some decorating tips using Feng Shui that can transform your home into a lucky house.

feng shui living room

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Furniture Arrangement

Feng shui focuses on allowing energy to flow through your home. That means decluttering your rooms so you can walk through freely, creating a sense of space, and easy passage from one part of the home, from one room to another. It could be as simple as rearranging furniture and removing a few items.

Create good feng shui in your living room with these easy feng shui decorating steps. From best colors and furniture arrangement to shapes and lighting.

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You want an uninterrupted circular arrangement of furniture to help energy flow through out your home, capturing it so the energy stays within the house and is not allowed to slip away.

Declutter! You’ve heard it often enough. Remove items hiding under your furniture, declutter cabinets and closets because they block energy flowing from one part of your home to others. Remove anything broken or fix it, and that includes fixtures too.

 furniture arrangement

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Clean Air – Fresh Plants

Clean air is vital because a constant flow of fresh air brings with it new energy, ideas and abundance and a house with a good energy flow is considered a lucky house, a positive Feng shui home. Keep windows open when you can, to maximize air flow as this also allows natural light in to clean allergens and dust mites.

Feng Shui Houseplants

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Filter air using healthy plants. Their life force cleans the air and attracts more positive life force.

Lucky House Rules

If you want to attract money into your home here some other fast and furious rules to live by:

  1. Keep your kitchen clean and tidy and your refrigerator and pantry organized and filled with fresh food.
  2. Use red, purple and green in your decor because red is auspicious, purple is royal and regal and green is the color of abundance but if you hate these colors, please, don’t use them.
  3. Lose clutter and add plants and water, even though I mentioned this before its worth mentioning again.
  4. Have a yard sale, gift or donate your unwanted items to make space for new opportunities.
  5. Create a beautiful dedicated space as your office. Most people work in tiny cramped corners, does that smell like success to you?

tidy pantry

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Lucky House = Aquarium

giant aquarium

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Aquariums and fish tanks are known in Feng shui to attract good fortune and create a lucky house as  It combines two popular symbols of prosperity and abundance; fish and water. Across the world in different cultures, religious documents, including the Bible, the fish remains a symbol of abundance and prosperity and water represents abundance, fresh ideas and flow.

What are Your Lucky Charms?

Sattler Ernie the Elephant Shelf Sitter Figurine

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Personal lucky charms like a jade ring, golden necklace, silver bracelet are symbols of luck you want attract. Some people love everything amethyst, pink or pieces like golden dragons and if that is you, find ways to add them to your decor. Strong pieces personalize your Feng shui living room decor and attracts luck.

Here is a list of Feng shui animal figurines and what they mean. They are metaphors for what you want in your life and if you like them, use them. If not, move on.

  • Dragon – symbol of power, strength, wealth and abundance. Never leave a dragon in your garage, closet, bathroom or closet. Place them in your living room, dining room or office to use its power.
  • Turtle – is the symbol for longevity, support and protection and is best at your the front and/or back of door of your house.
  • Lions (Fu Dogs) – come in pairs with a globe under the right or left paw for protection and sit at the front door.
  • Three-Legged Toad is the symbol of money.
  • Elephants – symbols of good luck, protection and strength.
If you like the idea of animals in your decor but don’t like the list above, here are 7 animals believed to bring good luck around the world.
bronze rabbit feng shui
Source: amazon
  • Rabbits – symbolize prosperity and fertility
  • Fish – symbol of abundance, prosperity and fertility
  • Goldfish – represent good luck
  • Frogs – are symbols for abundance, travel and fertility
  • Elephants – represent good fortune, academic success, protection, love and fertility. All of these are symbols.

They strengthen energy flow and turn your house into a lucky house. If you like these animals, have them or use them in your decor, maybe you are already on the right track.

Use these ideas to invite luck into your home and design your own lucky house.