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5 Simple Ways to Your Own Shed Transformation

By: Decorated Life Team |

Even if you are not a DIY expert, don’t let that stop you from transforming your existing shed into a fun, special place to give you and your shed a new lease of life.

She Sheds via House of Hargrove

Source: Pinterest

If you’ve out grown your shed or need a bigger shed this is a great opportunity to upgrade your old shed and create a small cozy piece of heaven in your back yard.

The point is to turn your shed into a place where you love to hang out. Turn it into a room that is inviting and functional and not a part of the garden you want to avoid.

With this in mind add features you love and create a unique room just for you. And mostly without a permit! Permits are rarely needed to change sheds (and if there is find your local office here).

5 Easy Ways Shed Owners Upgrade Their Sheds

So where do you start? Here are a few ideas of how you can transform your shed into a piece of heaven.


add windows to your shed

Most sheds lack enough windows. Adding windows does a number of things. It lets in natural light, instantly making it feel lighter and brighter. Windows also add character and style, and your choice of window can make the size of your shed bigger.

add light to your shed

So, where can you find windows that won’t cost the earth? The best place are often at sales, in classifieds and at auctions.

It can be difficult to find windows that won’t cost the earth and that are the perfect size, so you need to be open minded and flexible. Large windows are best and a wall of windows can do all sorts of magical things to open up the space.

Find enough windows and you can construct an entire shed from $5 a window, like the very cute shed below. Paint it all the same color to bring it all together. Click on the image below for tutorial details.

shed transformation construction using old windows!

If you are DIY handy adding windows to your existing structure won’t be too hard. And if you windows need a little face lift, add a canopy for some extra style.


Source: amazon

To create the streamlined shed below from Nitty Gritty Dirtman, click the image for drawing plans and tutorial to create a replica. This style of shed can be expensive because it has a foundation, roof and dutch door.

DIY Potting Shed transformation

Source: NittyGrittyDirtman

You can create a green house from a kit like the one below from Amazon. Because it’s a kit and it’s easy to put together and re-arrange. It’s secure, has a good weight and windows that open.

You can buy these greenhouses in a variety of sizes and styles for more or less money, but you get the idea. If you’re not in a hurry, look for a second hand kit. You can choose plain frosted or patterned films to let light in, and leave prying eyes out.

Green house - new shed parts

Odhams Press Damask Privacy Window Film

There are many different types of shed kits you can add to your existing shed to make it bigger, change the style or just update it.


Imposing doors add grandeur, leave in more natural light and help ventilate the space. 

double shed doors

Doors allow you to connect the indoors with outdoors, and when wide open, create a larger entertaining space for guests.

Again, second hand is the cheapest solution. Look to Craigslist and other local classifieds.

Quality doors from retail outlets can be expensive, unless you custom build your doors. Second hand doors often have more character, creating a better shed feature so be patient and shop around.


remove your shed cladding

If the inside of your existing shed is old and tired, removing the cladding can be a good solution. Its an easy upgrade and perfect if you live in a moderate to warm climate.

Leave enough behind to support your roof. In the shed above, the roof is a flat piece of durable perspex sheeting, with UV protection, that allows streams of sunlight into the shed. Its important to seal gaps between the ceiling and walls to reduce drafts and dirt, dust and leaves from flying in.

Paneling a Shed Ceiling

If you decide instead you would like internal wall finishing, consider installing shiplap walls. The more features you add the cozier and less shed-like your shed will look and feel.

From posts, flooring and a tiny veranda, this green shed from Garden Timing below is very cute.

Garden Timing

When your external walls are great shape and only need painting, you are on your way to the final stages of your shed remodel. Wood cladding, vinyl or brick veneer are all ways to protect and upgrade the outside of your shed. The white brick veneer below comes in wall and corner panels, as well as a variety of colors and styles.

brick veneer wall panel

Source: amazon


There’s not a lot of space in a shed, so the trick is to keep it very simple, fresh and full of its own character.

shed with dining table

If its purely to relax all you need are chairs, a table or built in reading nook. To turn your shed into a comfy living space its time to add some style.

This includes cushions, curtains, lighting, candles, books, stuffed chairs and a throw. But if you want to create an outdoor office consider electricity or solar power for your computer and printer.

old brick garden path to beautiful old shed

If your shed feels small, use a few tricks to make your shed feel larger like glass doors, windows or mirrors.


Shabby chic

Source: Pinterest

Paint can really make your shed look and feel sparkling new. To help you pick the best wall paint color, consider –

  • how close the shed is to your home? Do they match in style or paint color? Do they need to? Using the same exterior paint colors makes your home and shed work as one.
  • that lighter colors help draw in light and make spaces look larger; and darker colors are mysterious and dramatic.


Since your shed is outdoors, you need flooring that is tough, practical, easy to clean and easy to leave.

Perfect little room ~ awesome materials, peaceful colors, lots of natural light, comfy seating, plenty of storage:

Vinyl, plywood or floating floorboards all work well. Even plywood sub flooring painted black can look amazing and is very easy to look after.

painted the plywood sub floor

You can go grand or simple… its up to you, your budget and your taste. There are so many great solutions for every style.

shed conversion to pool houseWith some resourceful shopping and clever use of materials you can turn your old tired shed into somewhere you, family and friends will enjoy spending time and hiding away.