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Christmas Decor for Blue and White Rooms

By: Decorated Life Team |

Rooms with blue and white decor, no matter what size or decorating style, have a lot of choice when it comes to Christmas decorating. Blue and white is such a classic combination and perfect to create luxurious room for Christmas decorating.

How to Take Your Home from Everyday to Holiday

You may decide to stay traditional with red, green and gold, liven it up with mint, deep reds and hot pink or stay with blue, silver and white. But you don’t have to stop there. 

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Source: Blue and White Home

Here are some more color schemes that are beautiful color fusions for Christmas decor. You want to make an impact, but remember, your Christmas decorating should make you feel joyous and festive. It should have the element of surprise and it feel welcoming for all your guests.

give the element of surprise

Source: Blue/Green walls – Pinterest 

  • All White
  • White, Blue, and Silver
  • Ivory and Brushed Gold
  • Red and Green
  • Red and White
  • Forest Green, Burgundy and Gold 
  • Green and White
  • Sage Green, Pewter and Ivory
  • Green, Blue and Royal Purple
  • Gold and any color choice
  • White and any color choice
  • Silver and any color choice
  • Silver, Icy Blue and Lilac
  • Autumn Tones of Beige, Brown, Golden Yellow, and Rust
  • Primary Toy Colors Such as Red, Yellow, and Blue


Source: Southern Living  

Whichever one you choose, your colors should look harmonious with the rest of your home.

gray blue walls

Source: Pinterest

Decor that’s Harmonious + Streamlined

Here are some ideas to guide you and create luxurious Christmas decorations.

  • Blend with Your Existing Decorating Style

    If your home is decorated with in slick mid-century blue and white decorating style, country farmhouse  Christmas decor will probably look a little lost. From sleek and sophisticated to farmhouse or industrial, use decorations that suit and enhance your existing decor. Wayfair is having a sale on some of their Christmas decorations and its worth looking for something different or unique.

“The answer is blue and white. To all the questions. On your tree, in your tree, on a shelf, on the wall ... It's just a timeless combination we never get…”

Source: Instagram

  • Moving Room to Room

    Do your best to choose a Christmas color palette you carry throughout the house. This will avoid connecting rooms from looking disjointed or out of place. Repeat the main decorating colors in each room. If you need to, add different accents from one room to another.

Blue and white buffalo check napkins - Christmas decorating

Source: Pinterest

  • Your decorations don’t have to be identical but it works best if the colors are the same. You can bring all the rooms together by using a common ribbon or garland style. This living room’s chilly blue-and-cream palette is warmed with pops of red, magnolia leaves, blue and red baubles with a gingham touch.

cool room bright blue and red decorations

Source: Pinterest

  • Color Is Important

    Blue and white might be a traditional color scheme but from pale blue, ice blue to royal blue, soft white or crisp white, there are thousands of blue and white combinations. The Christmas decorations you choose will depend on how light, deep, rich, soft or neutral your color scheme might be. Consider a crisp white room with white furniture and a few blue accents. What would create the most drama? Something with deep reds and greens or something with rich blues? Do you prefer one dramatic feature or smaller decorating items around your rooms?

LivingRoom2 Fireplace 002 final SUP HH DEC12 35

Source: Pinterest

  • Warm or Cool Colors?

warm colors

Source: Victoria Magazine

  • Reds, yellows, and golds are warm colors. Blues, white and silver are cool colors. If you live in a climate that’s freezing cold over Christmas use colors like reds, greens and golds to make your rooms feel cozy and warm. But if you live in a warmer area, using cooler silvers and blues, alone or with touches of red might be best this time of year.

white christmas tree with colorful decorations

Source: Instagram

  • Monochromatic Color Scheme

In the foyer, a traditional evergreen garland goes whimsical with a mix of fresh foliage and woodland-inspired trimmings.

Source: One Kings Lane

If you want a simpler look consider a monochromatic design choosing decorations in every shade of one single color. If you have white walls, with blue decor accents and red is your color think of all different reds you can use.

Give your table a preppy, poppy twist with a mix of green, pink, and red. Lettuceware, bottle-brush trees, and plates from Juliska’s Country Estate holiday collection create a fabulously unexpected look.

Source: Pinterest

That means using rose, fuchsia, ruby, cherry, firecracker, cranberry or burgundy together in every shade for your all decorations. You can do this with every color and tie your look together using one main color, a second color, ribbon, texture or design.

Green monochromatic Christmas decor

Source: Pinterest – Green textured monochromatic Christmas decor

  • Texture Adds Interest

    Layer texture in your decorating to create interest. You can use garlands, different styles of bauble decorations and ribbons to add contrast and texture. It’s as easy as using cushions or throw pillows or rugs, mats, trays, china or vases with the Christmas theme and Antique Farmhouse has a sale with lots of wonderful farmhouse style decorations.

Blue and White and Red Christmas Decor (and a Giveaway)

Source: Thistle Wood Farms

Unifying Ribbon Thread

My blue and white Christmas tree has a French farmhouse feel. I've hung vintage dishes and teacups from my tree, along with plenty of handmade ornaments! Come take a closer look at DIY beautify! #blueandwhite #christmastree #farmhouse

Source: Farmhouse Look From DIY Beauty

Your choice of ribbon and bow style is a perfect unifying element for your Christmas decor. Whether you use the same ribbon throughout or similar ribbon styles in different colors or widths for candle holders, swags or garlands make sure you have enough to complete your decorating through out the house.

blue and white decor for Christmas

Source: Decor Gold Designs

French ribbons with a wired edge are more expensive with most soft ribbons but they can be used each year and the supporting wire will stay in place for the perfect bow, staircase garland or curled wreath bow tails.

festive blue room

Source:  House and Home

Even the smallest home can be festive. Add a few Christmas touches like stockings on the mantel.  Anything that brings out your blue and white decorating features. This is your blue and white Christmas room guide. You can see our other Christmas guide for this year here.