10 Ways to Add Beautiful Holiday Decorations This Winter

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10 Ways to Add Beautiful Holiday Decorations

Can you feel the eagerness and exhilaration of the holidays fast approaching? It is never too early to start planning and preparing for this festive time of the year of fun, giving and it starts with beautiful holiday decorations to set the tone!

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Holiday decorations play a crucial role in making your home the perfect setting for the holidays. There are such strong memories from childhood that we love, remember, relive, and pass on to family and friends. From stockings to food, eagerly awaiting to see what Santa left behind for Christmas. 

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Keeping the nostalgia alive and injecting a few new ideas is always a challenge. This year along with your family favorites, add a few new decorations and even contact a commercial holiday décor company.

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Holiday home decor takes time and a little creativity to put together a string of beautiful ideas for your home, without burning a hole in your pocket. Here are a few holiday decorating ideas to get you started. None of these things are expensive.

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Many things you might already own. It can often be the way you put them together that can make the difference. That means getting out the modge podge, tape, paint, blu tack adhesive putty, string, rope and put on a show.

1. Holiday Decorations On Your Front Door

Front Door Wreath Wreath

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Festive front door decor is one of the best ways to greet guests during the holiday season. Holiday decorations such as ribbons, ornaments, wreaths and Christmas tree branches, are rich with the festive spirit, opening the door to the wonderland of the holidays.      

Christmas Decorating Ideas

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To spice it up, personalize, customize and DIY your decor with a family name, initials or create your own signature look. 


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It can be grand or simple, depending on how much time and effort you are willing to dedicate. Once you have found your look, see if you can keep it going through your entire home, to look simpler and less cluttered. Too many different styles and colors might look like Christmas but it can also be a little overwhelming.

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2. The Advantages Of High Ceilings

If you have a living room with high ceiling your home is perfect for the biggest Christmas tree you can find! This is your focal point, your statement piece, your feature. Are you going real tree or artificial? Work out your budget and go from there. 

high ceiling with huge christmas tree

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A majestic element like tall, full Christmas trees will “WOW” family and friends and fill your home with the Christmas spirit. Your tree becomes a personality, a larger-than-life figure that communicates everything you are feeling about life, your home, your future. Hand made bunting from old Christmas wrapping paper is cheap and can look stunning.

What do you do if you don't have high ceilings? Create another feature in your living room. It might be your mantel, stairs or chandelier. But make it grand and bold. Find inexpensive ways to bulk it up. Cheap garlands threaded together can look sumptuous and stunning.

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3. Add Festivity to Your Staircase

stairs with christmas decor

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This is not the time to ignore your staircase. Use it as one of your main festive holiday cheer props and it is there, a willing partner in your holiday decor.

Christmas stair case. Could use autumn colors for thanksgiving, and then switch out the red berries and ornaments for christmas.

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Decorate the finials and guardrails with garlands and do not forget the twisting string lights. They add magic to every dinner! String lights with warm bulbs that peek out can be all your need along with some textured ribbon.

4. Messaged Frame Art

This is the time to replace your everyday wall décor with a piece of holiday framed art.

DIY Farmhouse Christmas Signs

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Once you have the right size frame adapt your favorite decor style, personalize it and place in your living room or entry hall. You can always swap out the art for other holidays through out the year.

5. Custom Made Candle Votives

All is bright with this Christmas fireplace decor. Salvaged candle holders light the way to a vintage-inspired mantel. Reindeer and Christmas tree figurines embedded among the candles add extra holiday cheer.

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Winter, Christmas and candles are the best of decorating friends, in fact, candles are one holiday decoration used more often than others. Its the scent, fragrance and cozy warm glow that is so familiar and comforting. Why not create something special?

easy to make votive holders

You can make your own votive using a glass container or a tall glass, seasonal tree branches and a glue. It is up to you how you design it. You can also add colorful leaves such as poinsettias which give a warm glow when the candles are lit.

Rustic Christmas votives

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6. Deck The Windows

Decorating windows

Windows are a great way to create curb appeal with hang wreaths, ribbons or Christmas ornaments. Work out one window arrangement, then replicate on your other windows to get a nice flow on effect. Festive and not overwhelming is the theme, and if you are on a budget, then simple ribbon might be enough.

 window dressing for christmas

7. Festive Letter Decorations

  Letter decorations

You can either buy letter decorations already decorated but if you are on a budget, buy and decorate them yourself. Just make sure the cost of your decorations don't cost more than the store bought version. This is often where the budget can blow out. A few pieces at $2 might not sound like a lot until you have to multiple that by 30. Go simple for the best impact.

letter decorations

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8. Dress the Mailbox

A lovely way to improve your curb appeal is by dressing your mailbox. Its a warm reminder to the mail man, family and friends that your house is Festive Ready.

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Again, nothing complicated or too fancy. Its the message you want to get out there and often and often a bow, holly or even a snowman can do the trick, as long as it can survive the winter elements. 

Christmas Holiday Mailbox Swag

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9. Decorate The Mantel

 mantel garland

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If you have a mantel you know how versatile it can be to help display your holiday decorations. You can always change the look, decorating it candles, wreath, ornaments and more by rearranging the elements each year. Its the perfect backdrop to bring out the warm glow of the fireplace with decorations above and the fireplace in the background.

Mantel with Magnolia Leaves

10. Display A Bowl Of Clementines

The romantic, festive scent of cloves and citrus is a wonderful holiday aroma and a sign of winter coziness. This allows you to decorate your home and allow fresh holiday scents to float through your home.

kumquats, clementines

Have a wonderful festive season!