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10 DIY Fall Decor Ideas – Leaf Motif Ideas to Decorate Your Home

By: Decorated Life Team |

10 DIY Fall Inspired Decor Ideas with Leaves

This time of year always brings the DIY out in me. DIY is always fun and fall decor ideas seem to be popping up everywhere. Its a wonderful time of year and the changing seasons need new home décor. Decorating can be so expensive, so recycling old decor is top of the list. And while there’s nothing more creative than using what you’ve got why not use something that is plentiful and free.

metallic framed leaf

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This year its all about trying to find something using leaves. Their warming traditional colors and beautiful textures are cozy and calming.

Autumn Paper Leaf Wreathcountryliving

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Here are a few ideas to try out this year. Perfect for gifting too and everyone loves a thoughtful one-of-a-kind handmade gift. Add a custom made tag with your own artwork as the finishing touch for that very special some one.

fall decor idea installation

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1. DIY Fall Decor Welcome Sign

This is the first thing people see when they walk through the door. It sets the tone and gives them a taste of what’s to come.

918s2iDNOTL. SL1500

You can always use some scrap booking craft leaves to supplement your collection or create a stencil and cut them out.

 fall decor sign

Source: Decor Chick

You can use a small chalkboard to write your message and simply decorate the edges of it with leaves.

2. Wreath

A wreath and a welcome sign often go hand in hand. For fall a wreath made from real or artificial sticks and decorated with leaves in autumn colors is perfect. The leaves can be real or cut outs.

 birch fall wreath.


Or you can always completely change your color scheme and go metallic.

Herfstslinger koper

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3. Lantern

You can work wonders with a few leaves, a small candle and a mason jar! Place the candle or small lights in a mason jar and decorate the outside or inside with leaves.

DIY fall decor using Mason Jar Lanterns

Source: crafts unleashed

This is the perfect centerpiece for your holiday dining room table. You may decide to make two or three lanterns, depending on the size of your table. These are perfect for your front door, kitchen, or table.

DIY candle holder

Source: sussle

4. Leafy Autumn Art & Mobile

Mobiles can sound a little ‘old hat’ but done the right way you can create a statement piece that you can hang on your wall, in your entry or over your dining table.

water colored embossed leaves

Source: happiness is homemade

1. If you love art and looking something for your mantel use real leaves (or fake if you prefer) to create a giant leaf on a piece of wood. Oversize pieces make great statement pieces.

2. Create an installation using one leaf on one piece of white paper or cardstock. Do this a number of times until you have enough to decorate a wall area or hang create a mobile. Create your leaf prints using real leaves, acrylic paint, waxed paper & a paint roller.

leaf on card stock

3. Create a garland. There are a few ways to do this. You can peg them together on string, layering different fabrics and materials.

 create leaf garland out of paper, string and pegs

Source: Sondra Lyn at home

Or apply glue to your leaves then sprinkle metallic glitter over them. Connect them with thread and hang it by the doorway, around a wreath or over a mantel.

leaf manel

Source: RedMag

4. Paint leaves your favorite autumn colors and place in a picture frame.

fall mantel decorating ideas

Source: Pinterest

5. Place your family surname initial either wood or cloth and using strong adhesive spray attach it to artificial foliage. Great for the entry or front door.

6. Leaf Coasters are really stylish and can be created using a leaf stamp, ink, blank coasters. Simply place the leaf stamp on the coasters in your favorite fall colors.

7. Leaf Printed Linens can transform a simple tablecloth into leaf printed linens.

get creative and make a leaf tablecloth

Source: This Girls Life Blog

Which of these fall decor ideas will you be trying out first? Never forget to mix it up a little.

use a little glitter