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Bright Colors for a White Color Scheme

By: Decorated Life Team |

Paint It White, Add Bright Colors and Live a Decorated Life!

white and color contrasts

Bright colors are a brilliant addition to a home with a predominately white color scheme if you need some colorful inspiration.  Too many bright colors and you could create a schizophrenic disaster.

The key is discipline. It depends on the size of your space as well as the amount of natural light your rooms get. But even simple items like colorful plates, benches and a painted floor can create an astonishingly elegant look.

Interiorholic’s article  Bright and Colorful Interior Design is a perfect example of how to use bright colors with a mostly white interior design.

With the influence and tones being etched in gray of late, its nice to feel the strong colors against winter white wall paint. These strong colors against clean white feel vibrant and refreshing… not cold or dull at all, but energetic and dynamic.

white painted wall with red bright chairs

Bright And Colorful Interior Design by Rebecca James

Designer Rebecca James of Interior Desires has created a bright and colorful townhouse interior design in London. The amount of color used from room to room creates a high energy dynamic but also makes each room very independent and different as if they all could belong to a different abode.

colored plates in this white apartment

Both living room and dining room are designed in the same color scheme since these are two adjoining rooms. The main colors used there are neutral. The furniture is emphasized with bright coral, yellow, and turquoise. An amazing color mix!

The kitchen was designed in neutral white and features a modern design with an interesting architectural detail – glazed ceiling. The kitchen leads to a small balcony with wooden floors, table for two, and climbing plants.

white kitchen adn strong orange accents

The hall and balcony are decorated with flower planters. Flowers are in the same pink hue as the decor. A balcony lounge is finished with wood and features a seat decorated with bright and colorful throw pillows.

Neutral bedroom with a balcony was designed in modern minimalism style. A white-based colors scheme is enhanced with gold curtains and throw pillows. Other bedrooms were designed in bright colors such as lavender, green, orange and beige, pink, and dark gray and blue.

Rebecca James isn’t afraid to play with color and the results are impressive. A lively living room looks great against the neutral kitchen and the beautiful white bedroom.

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