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White Walls – Morphing Pale Rooms Into Fresh, Interesting Spaces

By: Decorated Life Team |

White Walls – Celebrating the Pale and Interesting

white wall decor - design traveller
Source: Design Traveller

White walls are perfect to add to or change your color scheme. This wall decal changes the look of this wall, turning it into an art piece. By adding a mirror, stencils, bright wallpaper on one wall, wall decor or bright furniture, you can change your decorating styles in minutes.

orange accent wallpaper - graham brown

Source – Graham Brown

White walls are very flexible which means you can create countless color combinations and decorating looks using this one color as your base. You can use them as your main feature or focal point or as a background for your other pieces and colors. Here white walls take on the warm yellow hue of the pillows, vases and seats.

yellow french living room - pintererst

Source: Pinterest

In fact, they are one of the simplest ways to give a room Rockstar credentials! Just add something bright like these yellow accessories from One Kings Lane, who often have the latest good quality accessories to bring the room to life.

yellow accessories - one kings lane

Choose a shade of white for your white background that is softer than brilliant white.

white walls, white floor and white linen

Source: Pinterest

White can be overpowering. So, choose your white carefully. With so many hundreds of shades of white available you can get a great look using three different shades of white in the  same room, subtly creating layers of tone and texture.

Orange -bhg

Source: BHG

Hot orange and red above really make this room pop. Neutral colors blend into a white background and are great for creating a natural, relaxed color scheme. Use natural cottons and linens with your white background to add texture and color combinations.

white wall decor

Bright colors create a more lively atmosphere. Even small amounts of strong colors like hot orange or bright yellow, the color for 2013, are great against white backgrounds.

entry wall lamps - pinterest

Source: Pinterest

White walls go well with so many color schemes. From muted, neutrals or strong color schemes, white walls are a great backdrop for dark Victorian furniture. Like the dark wood sconces above, they add contrast and interest.

One thing to consider while you investigate color schemes are color combinations; whether bright colors, neutral colors or pale colors.Below pale blue chairs and chocolate accessories make this room relaxing and comfortable.

GP Schafer Architect - branbourne farm

Source: Branbourne Farm

The best color schemes also take advantage of textures and patterns to create color combinations with additional interest.

Pale shades, unlike neutral colors, add something different to a white background. Pale color combinations create tranquil and relaxing rooms. Add hints of your color scheme to lift a white color palette. Adding colored glass, crystal or a gorgeous chandelier that give it style and move it into the Rockstar stratosphere.

wall decor - design travelller

Source: Design Traveller

How many colors do you need when creating mostly white color schemes?

That depends. With a white color scheme you can go all white, adding depth and texture through your choice of fabrics, shades of white from any color scheme, making sure there is a balance of earthy neutral colors or your room could look very stark.

Or you can use one or two bright colors or pale colors until there is little white background showing at all.

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