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Custom Made Furniture Conversation Starter – A Bench With 26 legs!

By: Decorated Life Team |

If you are looking for feature furniture pieces, custom made furniture is always something very special and unique. Something to turn heads and get the conversation going. Custom made often means not made by you. Putting your DIY efforts into converting a furniture or wall piece, you can have a beautifully crafted custom made piece that is unique with its own character. Made by you.

DIY Custom Made Conversions

You can paint it with chalk paint or milk paint, give it an antique or distressed look. You can also take your custom made furniture apart and convert it into something very different like a dining table or coffee table. Or you can cover it completely and turn it into an ottoman. 

These custom made furniture pieces are made from wood, often recycled materials, painted unusual colors for additional effect and have more legs than your average beast!

To see more show stoppers go to the link below at Custom Made who make anything from jewelry to lighting, you pick the project and who makes it – and it’s all custom-made so you don’t get something any one else has got.