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20 DIY Coffee Bar Ideas — Make Your Own Coffee Station

By: Summer Hirst |

If you begin your mornings with a cup of joe, you need a special nook of your house dedicated to coffee. Running to Starbucks every time you feel like a caffeine fix isn’t always possible. And it isn’t feasible either, unless you want to burn a hole in your wallet.

Creating a mini java station doesn’t take a lot of time – or all that space for that matter. Just about any extra corner in your house can serve as a coffee bar. Let’s take a look at some coffee bar ideas that will spruce up your home and make the fall season even more exciting.

Organized Coffee Closet

If you’re one of those coffee freaks who have several coffee makers at home and different types of coffee beans for the right mood, you need to keep everything organized. And what can be better than a dedicated coffee closet for that?

This neat little cupboard won’t just house your coffee supplies but also the delicacies that come along with coffee – some sandwiches and cakes. When your body craves for coffee, just go to the coffee closet and get a mouthful, and heartful!

Wrought Iron for a Rugged Look

If the wooden look isn’t your thing, wrought iron will be the best thing to bring out the charm of a corner coffee house.

Multipurpose wrought iron shelves will not just look pretty but will also be durable. Place coffee jars and buckets on the shelf and hang coffee mugs on the hooks below them. If you want to get the maximum use from a small space, use another shelf as a bar and keep your liquor bottles there. Win-win.

Minimal Menu Boards

I’m going to begin with this idea because I really, really love it. Sleek wooden shelves will give a modern and chic look to your coffee bar. If you like having your coffee a bit different every day, you can post your ideas on the menu. Decide whether you want to have a café latte or an espresso, and place it accordingly on the menu boards.

Summer Theme Coffee Bar

Add multiple summery colors or just pick a unique summer idea like this one with lemons. A lemon wreath on the wall, lemon paintings on the side, lemon lollies, and lemons in a mason jar. If you’re a tea person, this theme will go perfect with your evening tea.

You can also combine lemon and limes for an additional touch of colors. Plus it’s so easy peasy lemon squeezy to implement that it will take just half a day and you’ll have your own summery coffee bar at home.

Girly Coffee Bar

All the single ladies, put your hands up. This coffee bar is for the woman who is independent and bold and isn’t afraid to show her soft side. 

Light pink and white is the tone of this coffee bar and it has everything from sweet sugar, yummy cocoa, and a lot of chocolates to go by.

Complete with a number of jars, mugs, and a coffee machine, this coffee station is perfect to bring out your feminine side.

Christmas Coffee Bar

Christmas is around the corner. When your friends and family come over to celebrate this season, make sure you dress up your coffee bar in the color of the festivities.

’tis the season to be jolly. And a little red and green. Bring home the colors of Father Christmas with this different and beautiful coffee bar. 

It doesn’t even need a lot of hard work. Take your ordinary coffee bar and hang some red mitten and stockings. And wrap some jars with red paper. That’s it – your coffee station has turned into a Christmas coffee station.

Flower it up

Let your coffee station be another excuse to have more flowers.

Add colors to an otherwise dull corner by adding flowers. If there’s some place left on the counter after the coffee machine and jars (and there usually is), add a bunch of flowers in an empty milk pot. Putting a flowerpot on one of the shelves can make it even more charming.

You can even add more cream to your coffee bar by having pastel flowery prints on your jars and mugs.

Lovey Dovey Valentine

Valentine’s Day or no Valentine’s Day, you can always add colors of love to your coffee bar. A string of hearts can make all the difference between a regular coffee bar and a coffee bar made of love.

Top it up with a heart plushie and Love art piece and your love-cum-coffee station is ready. Ideal for a honeymooning couple or just about anyone who loves falling in love, this coffee bar is sure to catch visitors’ attention.

Make it Cute

Whether you have a child at home or you’re a child at heart, this cute coffee bar is different from the rest. And it doesn’t even take a lot of hard work.

Set up a regular coffee bar and then add colorful bows and bunny ears to the jars and mugs. Add some plushies to enhance the cute look.

And if you’re a macaroon fan like me, add a mason jar full of them so there’s always a couple of them at coffee time. You can even give a cute nickname to your café. This one here is called Cottontails. I also like Cuddlefuzz and Pufferbabe. Take your pick.

When Music is Life

When coffee is your first passion and music is second (or vice versa), mix them up with a bar that says coffee but in a very musical way. 

Hang a guitar, tuba, violin, or any other musical instrument you have – even a whistle will work, as long as you do it tastefully. And if you love coffee, you definitely have good taste.

To make it look even more artistic, make the counter look like a piano. Because making coffee is in no way less than making music, am I right? A piano counter will also have enough space to keep all your jars and mugs so it will look more like a jamming station, speaking of which, I like jam toast with my tea.

Small Space Coffee Bar

If you think your apartment is too small for a coffee bar, you’re wrong. You don’t need a large space for it. Do you have a few inches of free wall in your home? That will do!

Install a small countertop and place a stool or a bottle stand under it. Your coffee machine will go on the countertop and the cups can be arranged on hooks on the wall. And the bottle stand can hold liquor bottles – that’s a multipurpose bar right there.

Chalkboard Coffee Bar

This one has a regular countertop and floating shelves as discussed earlier. But instead of keeping it plain, there’s a chalkboard in the background. So you can write coffee quotes, a coffee menu of the day, or just make some art on it.

It also serves as a great place to jot down ideas that you get while sipping your favorite beverage. Keep some colored chalks in a mason jar and they’ll add to the aesthetic of the place.

Spiritual Coffee Place

If you’re the spiritual type, show your love for god (and coffee) by hanging a sign on your coffee bar. Add some lavender in a pot to give it a more spiritual look. The sign can serve a dual purpose – to give a nice look to the place and also to hang the cups.

Of course, you can believe in any religion and still love coffee. Because religions can change but coffee is universal.

Coffee Bar on Wheels

Set up a coffee bar on wheels and you can have a cup of java whether you’re working in your home office, enjoying telly in the living room, or have just woken up from a nap.

Any table with wheels can work as a coffee station. It will save space and help you make coffee no matter where you are.

Perfect for a coffee freak who cannot wait to have a cuppa joe, this station has all the necessities in one place. And a combination of traditional wooden look goes well with all white cups and coffee pots.

Coffee Tree

Let your love for coffee grow with this beautiful coffee tree. Made with wrought iron, it allows you to hang all your coffee mugs and cups in a small space.

The countertop can be used to keep your coffee machine, sugar, and cream. It’s not just space saving but also very stylish. Placed against the background of a brick wall, this tree is giving a very artistic look. It is a perfect art piece that’s not just beautiful but also very practical.

Keep it White

There’s something about all white. There’s no other color that’s quite as remarkable than white. If you want to go for a single color for your coffee station, white it is.

A white wall, a white shelf, white cups, and white art pieces. This one here has the same shade of white but you can try different shades of white too. Mix up ivory white, eggshell white, and vanilla white. Add a bright lamp on top of the coffee shelf and your dull whites will also look the whitest white.

Autumn Coffee Bar

It’s autumn, which means pumpkin spice lattes are back. Give some pumpkin look to your coffee bar by placing pumpkins on the counter. Enhance the look of fall by scribbling some autumn-y quotes or words on the chalkboard.

Halloween is over and if you have some leftover pumpkins lying at home, this is a good way to reuse them. You can also hang some colorful beads on a string to give it a nice fall look.

Rack it Up

A wall mounted rack can help you keep all your coffee cups and mugs properly organized. It also gives you a chance to showcase your cup collection. The solid red color would look amazing against a white wall.

Also, if most of your cups are white or pink, red will be the perfect color for the rack. Why let all that wall space go waste when it can be used to stack up all the cups you’ve bought over the years?

Add Humor to It

What is life without humor? Add a touch of comedy to your coffee bar with creative signs. They bring out your witty side and let your guests know that you have a funny bone – the humerus, which you need to make coffee, by the way.

You can print a funny quote and put it in a photo frame or buy readymade funny quotes from Etsy. Have a laugh with your friends over a cup of coffee with these unique coffee bar signs.

A Rustic Corner Rack

This corner rack has everything – a place to keep your coffee machine, hooks cups, coffee and cream jars, a neat place to hang your hand towel, and rustic looks.

All these features combined into a neat little corner rack that can be placed anywhere depending on your requirements. Instead of having a fixed coffee counter, this can be placed in any corner of your home and provides ample opportunities for home reorganizing. 

If you’ve always wanted a country theme for your house, you’ll love its raw wooden look. 

Getting a Caffeine Fix in Style

No matter which looks you choose for your coffee bar, it’s important to get your caffeine fix in time, and in style. It’s not about placing your coffee machine in the kitchen. Add glamour to your life by giving coffee the respect it deserves.

A small coffee bar doesn’t just make it easier for you to have coffee, it also shows the importance of coffee in your life. Whether you’re an espresso fan or a latte lover, a cappuccino devotee or an Irish coffee worshipper, a coffee station is an absolute must in a modern house.