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22 Driveway Ideas – Spruce Up the Path to Your Home

By: Summer Hirst |

Changing your driveway style will give an entirely new look to your house and improve its curb appeal. While there are several types of driveway types including concrete, asphalt, gravel, slate, brick paving, and cobblestone, the design you choose also matters a lot.

Since a driveway is like the introduction of your home, it’s very important to put some thought into it. Let’s check out some driveway ideas for a discerning homeowner. These ideas will give you the perfect opportunity to transform an apparently suburban facet into a lasting impression.

Try a traditional stone driveway


If you live in a traditional home, what can be more beautiful than a conventional stone driveway? Traditional brick walls look great on a stone pavement. Concrete is robust and ensures all types of weather, so it will always look new and fresh.

The way you lay out the concrete floor makes all the difference. Concrete bricks give the driveway a look that’s classy and unique. But that’s not the only way. You can also get square concrete blocks that look amazing, especially with homes with a modern look.

How about a green and grassy driveway?


This driveway is made of concrete bricks but with an exception – it has green grass growing in between. It enhances the look of your home as the driveway becomes an extension of your front lawn. 

If you’re into gardening, you’ll love this look that makes your home look greener and fresher. Of course, there’s a downside to this – you’ll need to put more maintenance in this driveway. But then again, you can use fake grass and get the same look with no extra maintenance. Win-win.

Go around in a circular driveway


Give your house an ultra-luxurious feel with a circular driveway. Create a round patch in the middle to provide a circular look to the driveway. You can plant a tree or a bush in this patch. A flowering tree will give it an especially lush look.

Of course, to create a round driveway, you need that kind of area. If your driveway isn’t that big, you won’t be able to create this look.

Prolly try a permeable driveway?


If you face the issues of waterlogging in your driveway, try a permeable driveway. With a permeable driveway, you’ll have small grates that will help the water seep below. And you can even plant grass in those grates.

To make it look completely green, you can get a green grate. This way, your car will always be above the ground level and the water will flow away with time. There are a number of shapes and sized to choose from.

As robust as asphalt


Asphalt driveways are simple and robust. And the best part is that it’s low maintenance and doesn’t need to be sealed every couple of years. While asphalt doesn’t look as stylish as concrete, it is stronger than it.

If you live in an area that receives a lot of snow, you’ll probably want to use salt to melt it. And salt reacts with concrete and deteriorates it. Asphalt, on the other hand, stays the same.

Asphalt is also better for areas that receive a lot of heat and doesn’t get damaged from all the expansion and contraction due to the different temperatures in different seasons.

Get a gravel driveway


Loose gravel can create a captivating driveway. And it doesn’t take too long in installation either. There’s no installation in the first place! Just spread loose gravel everywhere. It doesn’t need a lot of upkeep and a simple solution to driveway installation.

Plus, it’s pretty cheap. If you need a weekend project where you want to set up your driveway, gravel can be an excellent choice. And since it’s available in several colors, you can get the right color that matches the exterior walls of your home.

Would you like a woodchip driveway?


While gravel is pretty affordable, if you want an even cheaper option, you can try woodchips. You can get them for far less than gravel. Heck, you can even get them for free since they are practically waste for carpenters. 

So if you’re taking a large amount of woodchips, you’re probably doing them a favor. However, you need to confirm from the authorities of your area if woodchips are allowed because they can get soggy very quickly. But they go well with natural grass so that’s an option you can try.

Maybe a marvelous marble driveway?


If you aren’t limited by budget constraints, you can get a marble driveway. It definitely looks far better than any other kind of driveways mentioned here but it comes with an expensive price tag. Also, not all marbles are good for driveways so make sure you discuss it with the driveway installation team.

Marble driveways especially look good when the entrance to your home is made of marble so the driveway and home blend perfectly with each other.

Care for a cobblestone driveway?


Cobblestone driveways are common in areas that receive a lot of heat and rainfall so if you live in Florida, you’ll probably see a lot of them in the neighborhood.

Cobblestone is not just durable but also adds a different aesthetic to the place. There are certain cons of using cobblestone – it is more expensive than some other options. Also, cobblestone isn’t smooth so if you live in a place that gets snow, cobblestone will be difficult to clear.

Other than that, it’s a great choice and gives a traditional approach to the house.

Crushing it with crushed concrete


Probably the cheapest of them all is crushed concrete (except of course if you found the woodchips for free). If you want to pave a driveway for a farm, this is an excellent choice. Since it’s recycled crushed concrete, it’s also good for the environment. 

The problem with crushed concrete is that it develops potholes pretty quickly. But then again, they are easy and quick to fix. So it’s your call – regular concrete or crushed one?

Just make sure you don’t get crushed concrete if you live in an area with snowfall because it’s very difficult to clean it off that surface.

Revving it with rubber paving


Compared to the old materials such as cobblestone, asphalt, and concrete, rubber is pretty new. Rubber lasts for years and comes cheaper than asphalt and concrete in some places.

Rubber mulch has long been used for playgrounds and landscaping purposes. Since it’s so durable and pretty affordable, it has found a way in the pavement for driveways as well. 

Rubber mulch is recycled and slip-resistant. It is low maintenance and also prevents weed growth. Due to all these reasons, it has become pretty popular these days.

Build a brick driveway


Bricks can be an excellent choice if your driveway isn’t too large. They give a traditional look that brings out a rustic charm. While they do give a rustic look, the problem with bricks is that they don’t have many choices in terms of color, shape, or size. You’ll get only standard bricks that will look more or less the same.

Also, another issue with the brick driveway is that bricks will chip away or crack with time. If you’re looking for a driveway that doesn’t need any maintenance over several generations, you can try asphalt. But then it won’t have the rustic charm offered by bricks.

Choose a chip driveway


If you’re looking for a rustic and vintage look but also something that lasts long, try a tar and chip driveway. It’s the perfect combination of looks and durability. And since it has a rough surface, it provides better traction after snow or rain.

It’s low maintenance and you’ll not get the problem of weeds or chipping with this type of paving. However, it does come with some limitations. It can easily be damaged by snowplows so if you want to remove snow, it’s best to do that lightly. Or use a snowblower instead.

Styling it with stone edging


Even if you have a plain concrete or asphalt driveway, you can make it look stylish with the right type of edging. There are different types of edgings that can bring life to even the dullest of driveways.

I like the stone edging idea a lot. However, if you don’t get the right sized stones, you can even try gravel. Loose materials are affordable and it’s easy to set them up. 

But of course, loose material doesn’t give a neat look. If you’re into finished and neat looks, you can try a different edging like bricks. 

Pave the way with a paver driveway


Paver driveways can be made of bricks, natural stone, or concrete blocks. The best part of this driveway is the variety you get. You can choose from different materials and different colors and shapes. 

Also, it stays on for a long time. Of course, depending on the material you choose, there might be some amount of maintenance. Natural stone will look the best but it will also cost a lot. So you need to do a cost v/s benefit analysis to find the right option for your driveway.

Breathtaking basalt driveway


Basalt gives a rich and formal look. Apart from its charming beauty, it is also low maintenance, which means you don’t have to manage chipped and cracked blocks every now and then. Also, it maintains its structural integrity throughout all types of weather conditions.

The only problem with basalt is that not everyone can get it right. So you need to talk to the company first and ask if they have experience with it. Once done right, it can provide the right appeal to your property.

Exceed your expectations with exposed aggregate driveway


If you want a finished driveway with the looks of a loose one, try exposed aggregate. It has a non-slip surface and can last for several years without any maintenance. And it comes in a number of choices for color, shades, and sizes.

Once complete, your driveway will reveal textured pebbles and stones with concrete. It looks like loose gravel except it’s fixed in place, which makes it an immensely popular choice these days. With exposed aggregate, you’ll get an attractive driveway that enhances the overall look of your home.

Install interlocking pavers


Interlocking pavers are most commonly made of concrete or cement. They have a unique shape so they can interlock with each other, so they can be installed quickly without requiring mortar. Their unique shape makes them look a bit like cobblestone.

These pavers have to be fitted on a solid surface so the driveway must have a smooth base before they can be installed. These pavers can come in a number of designs, colors, shapes, and sizes, which makes them an attractive option.

They are porous and let the water seep through. One problem with them is that they get dirty over a few years and will need power washing. 

Set up a stamped concrete driveway


If you want to go for concrete but hate its plain look, try stamped concrete. Since in this method, the concrete is stamped in some specific shapes, it looks like the driveway is made of some other material. 

Depending on the kind of stamp you use, you can create the impression of brick, stone, or another material. You can add color to it to make it look more realistic.

In this process, when the concrete is still setting, some molds are pressed on it so it takes that shape. Stamped concrete is sturdy and low maintenance. 

Go for a glass driveway


Glass driveway isn’t really made of a single sheet of glass. Instead, it’s like a mosaic of thick glass that is covered in resin. This glass is generally recycled from old and used glass, so it is environment friendly. Also, it gives plenty of options in terms of color.

Different glass pieces of different colors can be blended together to create a unique look that cannot be created with other material options. 

Glass driveway sounds like something that will need a lot of maintenance but it actually doesn’t need a lot of upkeep – thanks to the thick layer of resin that’s installed over it.

Shell out for a shell driveway


A crushed shell driveway gives a natural appeal to your curb. It isn’t just beautiful but actually pretty cost-effective. There are several varieties you can get in shell but the main ones are oyster, clam, and scallop. 

Depending on the type of shell you choose, you can get different colors – from white to brown to grey. There are a lot of shells gone waste and you can use them to create a natural and eco-friendly driveway. 

Shell driveways look good in beach houses. And of course, shells will be easier to find if you live in a beach area.

Do the dirt driveway


Pretty common in farmhouses, dirt driveways are very simple to set up. They are the most inexpensive because dirt is always there. Just drive over it a few times and your tires will setup the driveway on its own.

Of course, there are several downsides to this driveway – it cannot withstand snow and rain. A little water will get it all muddy. Also, it will develop potholes really quickly. 

You’ll see this kind of driveway in a country setting where there are big driveways and it will become expensive to install any other kind.

Final Driveway Thoughts

Even if you’re happy with the driveway you have right now, it doesn’t hurt to check out some options. After all, with the number of choices out there, you might want to change the curb appeal of your home in the future.

A good driveway will increase the value of your property as it’s the first thing that buyers will see. Are you planning to get a new driveway? Make sure you consider all the options so you can make an informed decision.