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Home Renovation Ideas that Add Value to Your Property

By: Decorated Life Team |

Home renovation ideas that add value to your property means that your home is not only comfortable and pleasant to live in but a great way to protect your family home and your investment. Even something simple like painting the exterior of your home improves your home’s value, improves curb appeal and helps to sell your property, while you continue to enjoy it.

exterior cladding

Often people think they should only do improvements when they are ready to sell. If you have a mortgage, you should be adding to the value of your home constantly as protection, in case property values move against you. If your asset shrinks on paper, your primary lender or institution can ask you to refinance, or repay, part of the loan within the guidelines of your mortgage.

Here are a few home renovation ideas to use to increase your property value.

Check Your Windows are in Good Repair

Long windows

Secured, well-sealed windows in good condition, add curb appeal in a number of ways:

  1. Improving the appearance of your home with up to date windows.
  2. Keeping out drafts. Properly sealed windows keep warm air in during winter and warm air out in summer.
  3. Preventing ants, mice and other intruders from destroying your home.
  4. Reducing the cost of heating or cooling in your home.
  5. Reducing the risk of being broken into. If its too hard to break into your home, burglars generally move on to an easier target.

updated windows and trim

Exterior Home Cladding

Hamptons style cladding

Adding external cladding panels to your home;

  1. Protects your home during poor weather conditions, such as strong winds or hail storms.
  2. Insulates your home. This helps to reduce heating and cooling costs.
  3. Protects the outer walls of your home from UV rays. It means you paint the exterior less often and save money.
  4. Helps your home look fresher for longer, which helps property values for you, your neighbors and neighborhood.Outdoor cladding

Updating Insulation & Draft Proofing

Once a upon a time, you added insulation to your home and then promptly forgot it.

Great use of colour and textiles..

If you are selling your home today, potential buyers are interested in knowing if your home is an energy efficient property. One way of adding to your energy efficient quotient is to stop drafts from door and windows with good sealants. Another way is by checking your insulation, and replacing it when it is no longer doing a great job. Making sure that your home is fully insulated  adds significant value to the property.

energy-wasters like air leaks

Adding Another Bathroom

If you have unused space or the plumbing is in place, an additional bathroom is a great addition to most family homes. Most families like the idea of more than bathroom, which is why adding an extra bathroom is often a good way of adding value to your property. If you do not have the space for a full bathroom, then consider adding a half bathroom instead.

Craftsman-style barn door. More

Landscaping Your Outdoor Space

Create an easy to manage external space which is peaceful and attractive to look at. Complicated landscaping that is time-consuming or hard to maintain can reduce the number of potential buyers, if you decide to sell your home. Large gardens with long manicured lawns are nice but expensive to keep.

architect Rita Hodge does vertical entry

Potential buyers are always looking for ways to reduce costs and maintenance times on their new home. Homes with well designed porches, patios and yards are easier to maintain, clean and repair. Its a worthwhile investment and a great selling point.

Make Your Garden Water-Free

Whether you are looking to sell your home, increase the value of your property, enjoy your entertaining or maybe a mix of all three, these simple home renovation ideas can help you add value to your property.