Furnace Repair Trick and Tips

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If you have a furnace you know how much you rely on it and how much furnace repairs can cost when things go wrong. The simplest things like a dirty filter, a clogged furnace filter or something is blocking the exhaust can cause a furnace to close down. 

Furnace repair can be costly, anything from $60 to $300, especially if you have a call out fee on top. Its easy to panic and call a repairman, but before you make that call here are five ways to check if it is a simple fix or whether your furnace really needs repairing.

Furnace Room

1. Check Thermostat

Furnace repairs can often be avoided by checking the thermostat to make sure your furnace is on. Sometimes thermostats have a lot of options, which can make it difficult to troubleshoot.

On your thermostat do the following:

● Switch to “Heat” rather than “Cool.”
● Check on temperature setting.
● Set the thermostat temperature a maximum of five degrees higher than the room temperature.
● Check the display for the right time and day including a.m. and p.m settings.
● Trace the thermostat wires back to the furnace to check for any damage to the wires.
● Check the battery and replace it with a new one, even if its just to test.
● Open the thermostat and blow out any debris.
● Make sure the thermostat is level and securely attached firmly on the wall.
● If the program settings don’t work, you can bypass them. Punch in the temperature you desire and push the hold button. If the thermostat programming is the problem, the furnace should still switch on.

furnace repair tips

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2. Check Breakers and Shut Switches

Furnace repair technicians often find that the furnace is simply turned off. Check that the power is on. Then, find the standard wall switch on your furnace and check the circuit breaker, along with the fuse for the furnace. There is a front panel that covers the blower motor and it should be securely fastened. If it is not, push in switch will not operate. 

3.Change The Filter

One easy way to keep up with your furnace maintenance is by regularly inspecting and changing your filters. If you can see dirt on your filter, then it is about 50% gone. If you have pets your filters will need changing more often.

Check your furnace filters once a month during winter and summer. If you filters become clogged your furnace can over heat or shut down. The rule of thumb for changing filters:

  1. 1 inch filters should be changed every 3 months 
  2. 2 inch filters should be changed every 4 months
  3. 4 inch filters should be changed every 6 months and 
  4. 5 inch filters can be changed annually. 

4. Is the Gas On?

Your furnace repair could be as simple as turning on the gas valve. Trace the line between the meter and the furnace and make sure that the handle is parallel to the pipe. Some homes have older gas furnaces. In this situation you have to check that the pilot light is on.

Your furnace can be leaking and causing carbon monoxide to leak into your home. It could be cracks in the heat exchanger or flue pipes. Over time this can become deadly.

5. Blocked or Leaky Ducts

The last furnace repair tip involves checking if all your room registers are open. Look for gaps between sections. If gaps are found, you will need to seal them with metal duct tape. Make note to not use standard duct tape. Make sure the dampers or air conditioner bypasses are open as well.

Furnaces last between 15-20 years and maintaining your furnace will give you years of great service.