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Gray Tile Shower Ideas to Elevate Your Bathroom Style

By: Joanne Derrick |

Whether your shower is a modern gold or a contemporary black, or in a more conventional chrome, a gray tile is a modern classic. Both contemporary yet timeless, a gray tile will work well with a conventional white bathroom suite. 

When it comes to selecting your tile, your interior will dictate your style, and hence the size and texture of your tile both on the wall and floor. 

With a plethora of designs to choose from, you can pick the tile you want to have your shower looking simply awesome.

Tranquil Gray Stone Effect Tile

 Tranquil Gray Stone Effect Tile scaled

For a super smooth, sleek look in any shower, a soft pale gray stone look tile will be the perfect choice. You can either keep your shower ambience cool and calm. Or you can add color with vibrant towels and accessories.

Large rectangular tiles are a modern look, reminiscent of a luxury spa. And to inject a little quirkiness, you can tile the floor with a cute little hexagonal tile, and even add an inlay shelf on the wall.

Moody Dark Gray Shower Tile

In a much darker shade of gray, almost a charcoal slate color, the large rectangular tile has a quite different effect in a shower.

The large tile is supremely modern but in a rich, dark shade has more solidity and warmth. To stop it being too austere, you can experiment with contrasting tile on the floor. Or you might like to add a complementary pale gray horizontal band. Ideal if you like a room with some drama.

Glazed Chevron Shower Tile

A glazed tile has a freshness and is more traditional than modern. But if you use subway tiles and install them in a herringbone design, you have a cutting edge 21st century update. 

Adding interest to a white tile wall and chrome shower fitting, you can have a go at installing a chevron tile design yourself. This is a great idea for the DIY enthusiast.

Honeycomb Style Natural Tile

A rich dark gray hexagon tile in a matt stone effect has a feel of opulence, especially when matched with a glorious gold shower and fixings. It conjures up ideas of palatial residences and luxury hotels. But you can have that decadent look right in your own home.

Use a white grout to define the honeycomb shape. And to add impact, the floor can be in a lighter tile, perhaps a pale limestone gray in a matt texture. Accessorize with leafy pot plants and expensive toiletries to finish. 

Subtle Marble Tile for Your Shower

 Subtle Marble Tile for Your Shower scaled

For a simple, calming effect in your shower, a pale gray detail running through a smooth white marble tile is just right.

Marble always signals luxury and expense and has been super popular over the past few years. So if you fancy living like a queen or king, you might like to install a gray marble wall tile in your bathroom. 

And for the floor, add a gray tile in the same shade of gray as the vein running through the marble. Pure indulgence.

Farmhouse Style Subway Tile

Going into the mid-grays will give you a solid, homely look. So if you like a modern farmhouse style, a warm gray subway tile with a gorgeous crackle glaze could be the choice you’re looking for. 

This looks great with any kind of shower. To add a little touch of rustic, add some accessories in natural wood. And how about a cute milking stall to complete the theme?

Shine in Your Shower

A gloss tile is another uber modern look. Having the effect of quartz, your shower can look a million dollars if you dress it right. 

In a pale gray, a large tile can look traditional and classic if that’s your thing. For a trendy update, add a geometric pattern tile in an inlay shelf, or on the floor. And make your shower fixture a cool, modern black.

Mismatch White and Gray Pattern Tile

 Mismatch White and Gray Pattern Tile

If you’re someone who likes patterns and a cozy, homely look but you also want to stay up to date, then a gray and white damask style tile could be right for your shower.

You can mix up gray and white square tiles against a white wall. And also why not continue the look onto the floor. This look when done right has a serious nod to the designer makeover.

Pattern Shower Tile

Fior more uniformity in your gray and white pattern tile, opt for a straightforward design. Against a white bathroom and white walls, this look is neat yet offers much interest.

Cool and modern, this look will suit both a new bathroom as well as working well as an update on a more traditional home. 

The styling here is what will make your look more modern or more old fashioned so think about the kinds of ornaments and accessories you’ll use, depending on your preference.

Modern Tile Inlay Design

If you have a white tile shower, but you are big into the gray trend then you might want to think about adding a recessed shower shelf. Then pick a tile you just love as the room’s accent.

If you like this unusual idea, then you might like to try building your own recessed shower shelf. Then install a contrasting tile for a sophisticated bathroom look.

Classic Tile Beauty

A delicately soft gray tile in a subway design will have a heritage look. To add some classical beauty, then you can add a row of a beautiful tile near the top of the shower.

This will add a unique focal point to your shower. Fixtures and fittings in an antique style will complete your spa look shower. 

In Summary

Gray looks fabulous in any shower and has the versatility to complement any design. A large tile will look more modern and luxurious, whereas a subway tile or geometric style speaks more of a modern look.

Matt and natural textures are modern and minimal, where a glazed tile has a cute, traditional freshness. 

And whether you opt for a pattern is a matter of taste but if it’s what makes you happy, then you can tile the floor and the wall. But for a glimpse of pattern, a recessed shelf will do the trick.

Whatever you feel most comfortable with will influence your designs, so if you’re looking for luxury, follow the tips on installing marble or quartz. If cute and simple is more your thing then a natural stone or subway tile could be for you.