• A Shady Solution: Shade Sails as Awnings


    Awnings are a great way to create an additional space over an uncovered porch, patio, verandah or balcony, cover and cool a space and block out harsh direct sunlight. What about using shade sails as awnings? Their UV properties are great for protecting you and your outdoor furniture and the shape of the shade sail or awning  creates the size and space of your virtual room. Add outdoor furniture and accessories and it’s ready to use.  Shade sails are available in different shapes, sizes and colors. The link below takes you directly to an article and range of shade solutions. Below is one of my favorites. I know there are fancier awnings and shade sails around but I like its simplicity and because it looks easy to take down.

    A Shady Solution: Sails as Awnings

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  1. Such a nice blog and have the valuable information from it. I really love the outdoor sail shades.

  2. I love that custom awning. It almost gives a Northern African or Middle Eastern feel to the patio. I’ve been looking for a shade sail to put over my cement patio. My children play outside during the summer and I don’t want their toes to continue to get toasty.

  3. I think fabric can be used to produce stunning stretched shade sail designs that not only look great, but also protect you from both the sun and the rain.thanks for sharing.

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