Valentines Day Ideas to Celebrate What it Means to Appreciate Love

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Valentines Day is the perfect way to keep the energy of love and appreciation of Christmas and New Year going. Its nice to keep the embers of these treasured sentiments alive another month. Valentine's Day may have been hijacked by would-be lovers and commercial companies but the underlying celebration of love and appreciation is valued by everyone, no matter what age, sex or status, so don't discriminate. 

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In the end, a day spent celebrating love shows respect and gives thanks for a happy past, and is an investment in a happy future. To do this well, you need to go deep with your gifting. Meaningful, personal actions out class a token gift any day. 

Who Should You Spend Valentines Day With? 

Besides the obvious, whether you are at home or at work, its time show you care and do something nice for who ever crosses you path on Valentines Day. It can include family and friends, but why not make quick phone call to someone who is lonely, elderly or sick and wish them a Happy Valentine's Day? The choice is yours. It might sound more like Good Samaritan's Day but the thread of love should be inclusive, not exclusive, and no matter what your marital status.  

Fun Valentines Day Ideas

Action speak louder than words. Make a card, don't buy one. Bake some Valentine Sugar Cookies

the best valentine sugar cookies / alice and lois

Valentine Sugar Cookies

Take the right kind of action, with the right sentiment behind it. For some, breakfast in bed is the best gift ever! Taking time to make, bake, create the perfect gift is the best thank you because it shows how well you know them. You are also helping to create more meaningful memories because its personal.

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The setting should be as romantic as it can be on a busy Thursday (this year, February 14 falls on a Thursday). If dinner at home with friends or family is the best compromise, use it to connect with everyone you love. 

Spray rooms with a fragrant rose essential oil spray to add to the romance. Here is a recipe you can make yourself. Try to use an amber colored glass spray bottle for you mixture. This protects the therapeutic qualities and the aroma of your oil mixture. 

Rose Linen Spray 

Add the oil, along with salt, witch hazel or Epsom salt to the bottle. Add distilled or filtered water to the bottle, cap and shake before using. You can use it anywhere in your home. If you have guests then spraying the living and dining room are perfect, along with the front door. This spray is also refreshing to use on bed sheets, towels or pet beds

Up Close Romance 

If dinner is out of the question, or you want to be alone, bookend the day with a cozy breakfast, a note in pocket to be found later and an end of night kiss. Plan to be alone, the best way you can. If you are being spoiled with a night out at a restaurant do your best to enjoy it! Either way, create a mood that is loving, comforting and affectionate. 

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Without the right sentiment, even the most personal gift can seem insincere, so make an effort to set the right mood for your message. Its the little things that count.

Roasted Potato Hearts Valentine

Endless Valentines Day Gift Choices

There are thousands of gift suggestions. You need to send some love to one person, first. You. To feel good about yourself dress up, plan a manicure, pedicure or bathroom spa date, at home, at a salon or at a friends. Make sure you feel special this Valentine's Day to be.

Always a good choice

Adding jewelry to your outfit can change how it looks and how you feel in seconds. Whether you wear some vintage earrings, a pearl ring  or a gemstone necklaces, if you want to attract and receive jewelry, make sure you wear some. 

Valentine's Day Decor 

Personalized Unity Heart of Love Cotton Throw Pillow

Personalized Cotton Throw Pillows

When it comes to the perfect Valentine’s day gifts, add to your decor with specially made Valentine Decor, that you don't mind living with every other day of the year. Remember to go deep, choose something like a framed heart with a tiny map of where you both met. Get personalized socks embroidered with nicknames or important relationship dates. No matter what budget or style, thoughtfulness can even make monogrammed cheese board be an amazing gift.

Floral Personalized Kitchen Bamboo Cutting Board

Monogrammed Cutting Board

Spa Hints

Resetting Your Home After the Holidays


If the greatest gift you can give is time, it’s time to think hard. Its nice to have a spa treatment, even at home, so taking over a chore and gifting an hour in the bathtub, a massage, head rub or foot massage can be a wonderful gift.

Dinner Plans

 heart shaped dinner rolls

Heart Shaped Dinner Rolls to Bake

If you are planning a romantic dinner get some delicious curated wine, make the menu something special and a little decadent. 

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Make entertaining at home as easy as possible. Prepare as much as you can earlier, like setting the table, ordering drinks, preparing food, so you can enjoy your guests. Remember, the theme is romance. Add to every part of your decor, cooking, and day.



Whatever your gift, big or small, pricey or inexpensive isn't important. The point is to give something that will thrill the other person and make you both remember why you fell in love.