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What’s The Best Window For A Shower?

By: Joanne Derrick |

The best window for your shower will depend on the size and shape of the room. You’ll need to have ventilation in your shower to prevent mold so if you do not have an extractor fan you’ll wake to make sure to have one that opens.

If you have built a new room then you will have more options when choosing your window. If you are replacing the window, you’ll need to pick the style according to the aperture, or opening, size. 

Privacy will be important in your shower. If you have a big country ranch with no neighbors then you can use plain glass to take in the view while you shower. If you live in the city then you’ll want to choose obscured glass so that no one can see in.

The other aspect to consider in choosing a shower window is the level of light you want to let in. This will depend upon the style and size of the window you can fit.

Awning Window

Awning windows open outward from the top hinge. They are the most common type of shower windows as they give good ventilation and you can leave them open in most weathers.

You can place them at the top of the wall where they will give you privacy but also a lot of light. Simple and plain in design they are good for modern showers.

Block Glass

Block glass windows have been around for more than 100 years and yet they still look modern. Made from blocks of hollow glass they offer an obscured look from their texture.

This style is classic and elegant through the use of different sized blocks creating an architecture effect. Imagination goes a long way on design to consider if this look would work for you.

Block glass does not offer ventilation due to the thickness of the sections so you’ll need to have either another window that you can open or an extractor vent.

Casement Window

Casement windows open out vertically on hinges. They tend to be quite large so will be for spacious shower rooms. They can be in modern plastic or aluminum which can be cheaper and easy to maintain.

For a more elegant look then wooden painted windows will complement a classic scheme. You can think about the hardware when choosing wooden frames and decide whether to opt for ornate handles. 

Crank Windows

Crank windows are opened with a handle that cranks the supporting arm of the window outward.

They can open up to 180 degrees onto the wall so you’ll need to think about safety. If you have kids you don’t want them to be able to climb onto the window sill and fall out. And if your shower is on the first floor, watch out when you open the window. You wouldn’t want to knock other people in your home or passers by! 

Offering great light and a lot of ventilation, crank windows are a popular choice. They are good for narrow areas. You could think about installing a tall window if you have a long narrow space in your shower.

Frosted Glass

Frosted Window Stickers

You can have frosted windows installed in any design type e.g. casement or crank. But if you have already picked your window and decide once installed that it’s not private enough, then you can add your own frosted effect with plastic sheets.

You can cut them to the size you need and cover the whole window. Or you can place them so you have a view out at the top. This will also allow in a little extra light.

Frosted Panels for Shower Windows

Another way to get frosted windows is to add panels inside your shower window. Just be sure that you have space to open these in your shower as they will open into the room for ventilation. So you’ll need to factor this into your layout.

Textured Showe Window

This window has vertical lines to obscure the interior view. But these kinds of textured and frosted glass windows come in a range of patterns and looks, as well as going in any kind of frame.

These are the most popular choice of glass for shower windows where you need privacy. They let in the light but offer a good amount of seclusion.

Mirrored Window

This is a creative and unusual way to get privacy in your shower as well as an added practical use. This shower window has a pane that is mirrored glass. 

You can use a mirror at the bottom to fit over the window glass. An awning window above adds ventilation. This is a perfect solution for those small showers.

Hopper Window

Hopper windows are often used on basements as they give light, take up a small amount of space, and are good for security as they are hard to break into. They open inward and have the name because when open they look like a hopper or chute.

They are usually horizontal and narrow so if you have a small shower this can work well. You can also place several alongside each other in a row, if your window space is higher up and you want more light.


These are fantastic windows to use if you have your shower in a loft or roof space. They let light flood into your shower. You can choose a skylight which opens in or out, or even one which does a full 360-degree turn. 

They offer good ventilation and work well in awkward spaces. They also are good for insulation and offer good heat from the sun. You can read up on installing your own skylight if you are feeling handy and would like to try fitting your own.


A transom window is a narrow horizontal window normally placed above a door to give extra light. But this could work in a shower, especially if you want to have your window above the tile, for example. 

Transoms can be used as exterior windows but if this is not possible due to the design of your home, then you can let in extra light from the hallway by using them on an internal wall.

Circular Window

For more of a novelty, you can have an unusual shaped window in your shower. This round window offers bags of character in an otherwise simple shower room. 

You’d need to consider the budget is you’re opting for a bespoke look as a window like this would need to be specially made. But for a one-off look, it might be worth it.


The best window for a shower is the one which suits your space and offers the right kind of ventilation you need. You will also want to think about all important privacy that the majority of us will need. 

If you have a small shower then a hopper or transom can work well. Most homes tend to use awning windows for showers as they can be opened wide for ventilation and will work in all but extreme weather. 

With such a variety of window options, it is best to look at your shower and the kind of style you want to make sure that your window matches up and sends out the right design vibe.