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    Dining Room Decorating Ideas – Storage

    Dining room design should include dining room storage; a dining room hutch, dining room sideboard, corner dining room cabinet, shelving, maybe a buffet or dining room server to display and feature items, as well as keep your dining room organized.

    Here are dining room ideas for small to medium sized dining rooms. Let’s start with traditional storage, then move to the more inventive DIY storage ideas.

    Traditional Dining Room Storage Cabinet


    Source: HGTV

    A dining room buffet cabinet or china cabinet is traditional storage. It will safely store all your special-occasion items and have them clean and ready to use. It also gives you serving space; which is great if if you have a small home and keeps you close to guests at all times. The glamor of a decorative or antique piece is that it is more than storage – it ‘s a beautiful piece of furniture and a feature for your room.

    one kings lane Hudson Buffet

    One Kings Lane – Hudson Buffet

    The first decision you must make is; do you want a feature piece?


    Source: The Creativity Exchange

    Equally impressive is narrow cabinet, or built-in dining room cabinets, with doors, all painted the same color to blend in with the walls. This is perfect when decorating a dining room that is small, if you want to hide storage or you make the room feel bigger. Add shelving and you have a perfect dining room storage, serving and display unit.

    If you don’t want a feature piece; how can you create storage that looks part of the room?


    Source: Field Stone Hill Design

    built-in dining room storage

    Source: BHG

    The built-in dining room cabinet above, behind the dining set has glass doors and two sets of closed storage. Painting this dining room china cabinet the same color as the french doors, and door frames, makes the room feel bigger.

    white dining room built in

    Source: Houzz

    Replacing your hutch and buffet with a built-in, usually means more storage space for glassware, linens and dishes.You can create your own, filling the entire wall with a combination of book cases with doors and different depths, to create a serving area. Ikea is perfect for this kind of piece but there are many other – less expensive ways to get storage.

    gray distressed cabinet

    Source: Julias Vita Drommar

    If built-ins are out of the question, consider the cabinet above, painted French gray linen. By painting the cabinet a muted color, it blends beautifully with the room and color scheme, while storing and displaying items, keeping them dust free and clean. The piece alone is not expensive, but distressing and aging and new hardware will make a piece like this sing. So, even if a piece is new – in pine – you can create something very special for your dining room.

    Dining Room Storage Bench

    breakfast nook

    Source: HGTV

    Small dining rooms need storage solutions that are clever and easy to use. Dining room bench storage, doubling up as a window seat, adds seating and storage while saving precious space. Create your bench space around your room, under your windows or between your window to create a reading nook. These areas are functional and fun.

    dining room window seat

    window nook with storage

    Source: BHG

    Dining Room Shelving Ideas

    dining room shelving

    Turn the top of your dining room cabinet or shelf into a feature by styling it. Adding one or two precious pieces on top of a buffet, or a serving surface, can transform it into a focal point. Add a large vase with flowers, tall candle holders or tall object to give the shelf interest and height.

    Dining Room Cabinet Ideas – Trays and Baskets

    dining room open shelves

    Source: HGTV

    Open shelving often means stacking items, placing some at the back, difficult to use and store. This solution, an open buffet from HGTV Green Home 2008 is practical and stylish.

    one kings lane Product_XVO10005_Image_1

    One Kings Lane Bryn Storage Buffet – $539

    Open wire and woven baskets in different shapes and sizes, make it easy to see plates and dishes and hide other items, while keeping them easy to access.

    Hiding Dining Room Storage

    hidden storage

    Source: HGTV

    If you prefer your dining room storage furniture to be hidden, this custom storage cabinet is for you. The built-in cabinet has a coat closet, AV equipment with enough room for plates, dishes and serving equipment. An equally clever but less spectacular storage idea is the one below.

    hidden wall storage

    Additional storage is created in the wall between dining room and kitchen; one side used a pantry for the adjoining kitchen holding spices, and the other side holding glasses.

    Dining Room Display Shelving

    floating shelves

    Wall-mounted cabinets and narrow display shelves work well in dining rooms. They keep the room open and feeling larger, without heavy furniture taking up floor space. A few select key pieces on your shelves leave the area uncluttered and create a room feature.

    traditional-dining-room with open shelves

    Source: Home Edit

    Wall-mounted shelves are less common than dining room buffets and cabinets but they work well when decorated with your best china and creamy ceramic-ware. When styled well, this becomes the main room feature, as well as functioning as storage.

    cabinet with open shelving

    Source: I Heart Organizing

    Adding shelves, similar color to the cabinet below, is a great idea; storing glasses under the shelves and making the top sides display areas. This is an inexpensive way to create an area that looks like a unified unit – just by adding similar colored shelves.

    Multifunctional Dining Storage

    dining room shelves

    Tall bookcases, or bookshelves, in a dining room, work as a multifunctional storage area. Add baskets to keep some items from view, and leave some shelving areas empty, so shelves look uncluttered. Adding decorative pieces to some empty areas relieves large blocks of books. 

    wall shelving

    Open storage solutions, like bookcases or shelves means books can site along side dishes and favorite pieces. You can place two tall, thin bookcases on either side of a window or door, or mix it up with shelving and cabinets like the room above.

    Floating Dining Room Buffet

    floating cabinet

    Source: HGTV

    Like floating shelves, a floating storage buffet makes the room appear larger by keeping the floor space clear. This solution is not as expensive as it sounds. You might need two, depending on the size of your wall – there are different colors and sizes too.

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    You can get custom made furniture or create a piece like this Ikea Hack below. Baskets is a great way to hide, move and keep things sorted.


    Source: Better After

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    I like the shelving idea for my dining room – could make a big difference. Its dark – that’s my only problem so more furniture won’t help.

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    I think I’ll paint an old Ikea cabinet and put some feet on it. That could work.. hmm floating shelves on top. Oh, when will I get time?

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    Well, where do I begin… my floors need doing, I need to get rid of 10 years worth of old plates and stuff out of the kitchen first – so I can put things away in a painted cabinet like one of these gorgeous things..

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    I can’t afford to do anything right now but love the ideas! My dining room is so tiny and dark that I need all the help I can get.

    Painting it gray to begin with..

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    Does anyone know how to float a shelf – it looks complicated and i don’t have a man to help out…anyone have any tips? Thanks

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